US IMG USMLE Scores in the Match

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The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) defines international medical graduates (IMG) as physicians who graduated from a medical school located outside the United States and Canada.  The location of the school, not the citizenship, determines whether a physician applying to residency is an IMG.  Depending on citizenship, these applicants can be classified as US IMGs or non-US IMGs.  Today, we will look at the match statistics of US IMGs in the 2013 Match, published by the NRMP in Charting Outcomes in the Match, International Medical Graduates.
Specialty Matched
Internal Medicine 841
Family Medicine 531
Psychiatry 203
Pediatrics 196
Surgery-General 119
Anesthesiology 95
Neurology 59
Radiology-Diagnostic 55
Emergency Medicine 53
Pathology 46
PM&R 40

Source:  Charting Outcomes in the Match, International Medical Graduates

The number of applicants matched to each field will depend on the size of the specialty.  Internal Medicine is by far the largest specialty in all of medicine and therefore will receive a large percentage of graduates from all categories of applicants.  The above data also designates the sample size for the following tables.
Specialty Mean STEP 1
Radiology-Diagnostic 237
Anesthesiology 234
Surgery-General 227
Emergency Medicine 225
Pathology 224
PM&R 223
Internal Medicine 221
Average 217
Neurology 216
Pediatrics 216
Family Medicine 206
Psychiatry 205
Specialty Mean STEP 2
Radiology-Diagnostic 241
Anesthesiology 239
Emergency Medicine 235
Surgery-General 234
PM&R 231
Internal Medicine 228
Pathology 226
Average 224
Pediatrics 224
Neurology 222
Family Medicine 213
Psychiatry 211
The two tables above list the mean USMLE STEP 1 and STEP 2 CK scores for US IMGs who matched into their specialties in 2013.  The average scores for those who matched were 217 and 224, respectively.  Radiology, Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, and General Surgery applicants who matched had the highest average scores.  Tomorrow we will discuss USMLE scores for non-US IMG applicants.

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