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TimestampFirst NameDate of Program StartSpecialtyIn which city was your program located? Describe in detail a specific experience with your preceptor that you were happy withDescribe one or two benefits you have received from the experience with your preceptor that you value mostExplain specifically how these benefits have helped you in your preparation for residency application and/or career goals (if applicable)Would you recommend MedClerkships?Would you recommend this clinical experience and preceptor? (on a scale of 1-5)Were you happy with the customer service provided by the Medclerkships team? If so, please describeProgram CodeProgram Code 2
6/1/2021 20:15:52Mohammad5/3/2021NeurologyBrooklynMy Doctor was very helpful in answering my questions, and I got to see a wide variety of neurological casesI was able to get a US clinical rotation that exposed me to the US Healthcare SystemIt has given me a better chance of matching YesStrongly Agree – 5NY300BNE
6/2/2021 16:42:31Rehan5/3/2021Internal Medicine – CardiologyOrlandoPrompt customer serviceAdvice regarding residency and clinical experience.Allowing me a chance to earn an LOR and add substance to my CV.YesStrongly Agree – 5FL300IMCIC
6/24/2021 16:37:16Paul J.6/24/2018General SurgeryAtlanta and WebsterMedClerkship follows up with you. They are not done with you until you no long seek their help. For example, if you lose contact or if your preceptor is hard to reach, they will help you reconnect.Great relationship with the preceptors who are eager to help and support.The preceptors I met through MedClerkships are extremely helpful and are eager to write an LOR and often times even beyond that. They do appreciate your presence and are empathic towards students and rotators.YesStrongly Agree – 5GA100GSPSTX300GST
7/16/2021 11:10:46Jashank6/10/2021NeurologyBrooklyn, New YorkThe doctor was a very experienced physician. I got plenty personal time with him1. Service is great. When I expressed my concerns about a half schedule when I was promised a full one, they were nice to give me a partial refund as well as give me an option to schedule another rotation on my off days
2. I am also receiving benefits like CV and PS reviewing
Great experience in my rotation ensures an LOR for my application and I learned a lot as wellYesAgree – 4NY300BNE
7/19/2021 12:09:46Ibrahim 6/1/2021NeurologyHoustonThe percepter is nice and really interested in teaching. All the staff were nice. High chance for doing small publications like epearsls on AAN websites. Theoritical knowledge gained was highYour responses were so professional and timely. You answered all my questions regarding the rotation prior to paying or any thing, abd this is appreciated.
Mentioned aboveYesAgree – 4TX301NE
7/30/2021 16:15:16Tharika3/4/2019Internal MedicineHoustonFinding clerkship for an international medical graduate is not an easy task! For someone like me who had no family in the US, I didn’t want to go through the hassle of looking for a clerkship while I was in the US alone. MedClerkship offered me multiple options to choose the location and they were really flexible with the change of dates. The physicians I shadowed were helpful in guiding me through the residency process and I had a great hands-on clinical experience. I believe that they wrote strong LoRs which helped me match, despite having average scores. The dream of pursuing residency in USA came true with the help of MedClerkships. 3 months of clerkship and a free personal statement editing service. Thank you very much for being flexible with locations.
My Visa was rejected for the first time and the second it was approved with the letter you provided.
The preceptors were kind enough to change the dates on my LoRs to recent dates which looked good on the letters. The personal statement editing was beneficial to me, as it’s one of the major factors of application. YesStrongly Agree – 5TX300FMTX300IMCA
8/6/2021 10:10:29Marheb6/7/2021Internal MedicineBrooklyn, NYI was mostly happy with how efficient my clinical program enrolment process was despite my arranging a week before the start date of my clinical rotations. My program enrolment was confirmed within two days, and MedClerkships helped facilitate the best possible preceptorship experience that I could have asked for.The COVID-19 pandemic brought several challenges for the present residency application cycle. One of these challenges required those residency applicants who could not travel to the U.S. for in-person U.S. clinical experience to opt for alternative clinical experiences. MedClerkships allowed me to gain U.S. clinical and research experience via their remote telemedicine programs, which were exceptionally useful and engaging.The opportunity to complete remote telemedicine clinical and research rotations has helped me gain more clinical knowledge as I prepare for residency. This experience has further refined my capacity to adapt and overcome challenges, making me a stronger candidate for residency while we all navigate the current COVID-19 pandemic.YesStrongly Agree – 5RES300IMRES300AS
8/8/2021 21:57:16MARIE-ANGE7/12/2021Internal MedicineBostonI was very happy to receive my email replied in a timely manner when I had concerns, as well as the quality of rotation that you are providing.I value the good understanding of the team, and the kind of preceptors you are working with.They gave me a lot of learning opportunities to understand how the US healthcare system operate, and also to have a LoR from an excellent preceptor.YesStrongly Agree – 5MA300IM
8/14/2021 8:28:42Isabella7/5/2021Pediatric CardiologyKissimmeeDoctor is an amazing person. She always included me in her activities so I could be part of all of them. For instance, online meetings, conversation with other professionals, updates of surgical patients… Doctor always had new topics to teach me, including echo and electrocardiogram. She also gave me the oportunity to present cases. All these will help me a lot when residency starts as now I feel more confortable to interpret cardiological exams, indentify heart murmurs and think about an assessment and plan to patients. I definetely recommend this rotation. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. Medclerkships was comprehensive with me all the time. When I needed help to find the best payment option, Dan gave me all the support to make everything right. He also found an alternative rotation to me when my preceptor was out of town. FL301PED
8/16/2021 18:22:19Wathsala 6/14/2021Family medicine AtlantaDr. T was very kind and helped me out with everything. Also he is a very good teacher. I learned a lot of new thing about the way I should practice medicine in US.I had a very good clinical exposure during the rotation.
I got a LOR for my residency application.
I got the chance to get use to US medical practice. I leaned to work with EMR which is necessary for the residency. I got the opportunity to improve my communication skills.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. They responded quickly to every email I send. I’m really happy with everything.GA100FM
8/17/2021 7:57:51Paloma7/26/2021Pediatrics Lawrenceville, GAEverybody was willing to explain absolutely everything to me if i had any questions, doctors were kind and caring at all times, i got to meet new friends in the crew that i would never forgetSkills to be able to take care of children/teenagers in the most kind and effective way and how to make the relationship parent-teen so much better with our helpThis experience made me be sure 100% of what speciality i want to doYesStrongly Agree – 5I talked to Dan the whole process and he was kind and always willing to help and answer any questions i hadGA100PD
8/19/2021 14:57:05Muhammad Ahmed12/1/2017CardiologyOrlandoIt was a first time for me to see a patient being treated for Afib with electrophysiological ablation. As I came from an under resourced country where ablation is not yet available, it was a very eye opening experience to see mapping of the heart and then ablation done in real time in a EPS lab that too with such an amazing preceptor as Dr S Exposure to a world class EPS lab and interventional cardiology that i know for sure wouldn’t have been available in any other rotation that I’d have doneWorking in inpatient as well as outpatient clinics will have significant positive effect in my residency application. Intervention cardiology was a field that i had a very little understanding of before my rotation with Dr S but after having been working under him I can confidently say that i have experience that will not only help my residency application but also my interviews in matching process. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. They were very helpful especially Dan Martinez as he out of the way to help me in my special circumstances FL300IMCIC
8/24/2021 0:58:59Eyoel7/19/2021Internal Medicine Takoma parkI had extensive time of hands-on experience, with direct physical evaluation of patients. I was also able to perform routine procedures. Gaind tones of knowledge on EMR. Improved my skill in diagnosis, communication and counseling.Helped me a lot in understanding the US clinical system and building my resume.YesAgree – 4YES. Dan and his team helped me so much through a very busy and tight schedule. They even followed up during my rotation.WA300IM
8/24/2021 16:52:11Kandi7/12/2021Pulmonary MedicineRaleighHe was very kind and accommodating and allowed me to see patients and also get comfortable with the EMR system which is very important to understand when you are and IMG resident wanting to practice medicine in the USABeing able to get comfortable with the EMR, being exposed to the American culture/ patient population and also learning new things that I have never been exposed to in my medical training and career in my home countryIt has made me feel more confident especially with the EMR which can be difficult to learn. And I feel like I have a better understanding of the US medical system so I know what will be expected of me as a resident YesStrongly Agree – 5I am extremely happy with the customer service. They responded to my concerns speedily and were very helpful and kind. They seem ready to help with any concern and they were easily accessible.NC100IMIP
8/28/2021 3:31:27Lavina5/10/2021Internal MedicineDallasMy perceptor was very friendly, he made sure he knew me well. He gave me suggestions regarding my residency application.*I got to understand the outpatient setting of an internist
*The way my perceptor communicated with his patients was something to definitely learn from, he had patients follow up with him since years. He would make sure to listen and address to every concern.
*My perceptors physical examination skills were impressive, I got to learn the importance of physical examination and how not to miss out even the slightest finding being an internist.
It has greatly helped in writing my personal statement and not to mention it will help to talk about my US healthcare experience during interviews NoAgree – 4Yes, Mr. Dan was very approachable. TX300DIM
8/31/2021 18:43:49Rubi 7/26/2021PediatricsNew York The doctor did a great job teaching us different techniques to handle difficult pediatric patients everyday. Gaining more clinical expertise with pediatric patients and learning about normal pediatric check ups and vaccines schedules in a very practical and efficient way. Overall increasing my confidence handling patients and learning how the american medical outpatient system works. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes NY202PE
9/1/2021 15:05:10Sai Gautham8/9/2021IM/CardiologyBrooklynI was able to perform EKG for a particular patient and was a team member in the management of the patient .I was able to learn how to come to an impression of the patient diagnosis and treatment plan.I am taking a lot of cardiology experience with this rotation and I had the insight of how a cardiologist works which made me fall in love with the subject YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes I am happy with the customer service .NY101IMC
9/1/2021 19:39:50Shivani8/2/2021General surgery telerotationNew York (teleUSCE)I was happy with the fact that the sessions were based on interactive learning as we were able to ask questions and give our inputs as well. I enjoyed preparing a presentation along with my peers. The way the preceptor explained surgical procedure videos was helpful.Firstly, being an IMG, I was able to get a brief idea about certain differences of medical practice in the US.
I found the preceptor’s explanation of diagnostic imaging particularly helpful as this is one of my problem areas.
I was happy with the variety and depth of topics covered.
The preceptor, being an IMG was very understanding of the challenges faced by IMGs in the matching process and took time to explain to all of us certain extra specific requirements and various different paths that we could possibly take to reach the goal of matching into a general surgery residency program.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Mr. Dan Martinez was very helpful in promptly connecting me with the preceptor.RES300GS
9/1/2021 21:10:45Lydia8/2/2021Internal Medicine New York (teleUSCE)I was able to clerk patients prior to the daily clinic and present them during the clinic hours. He taught me how to use the EMR to update patients records Learning to use the Electronic Medical Records It will be easier for me to navigate the EMR once i join residencyYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, prompt response to email RES300IM
9/3/2021 12:18:24Natalie7/5/2021PathologyNew YorkDr. C is an extremely good teacher and takes the time to ensure every student understands the slide before moving on1. Being able to identify various types of nephrotic syndrome 2. Had the experience of listening into phone calls between Dr. C and nephrologistsThis experience has given me more details to discuss on my personal statement, and I suspect more topics to discuss during my interviews.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan was always extremely helpful and easy to go ahold of.RES300PTH
9/3/2021 13:24:08Srinarmadha4/5/2021PediatricsHoustonHe teaches a lot, hence a great learning experienceDealing with young patients and great knowledge about basics of pediatricsGained lot of confidence before applying for residency YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, they were very responsive to all my queriesTX200PE
9/4/2021 0:11:38Oghenetega7/9/2021PsychiatryColumbus, Georgia (teleUSCE)Dr. K is the best. He is such a patient teacher who has a good command of psychiatry. His ability to bring psychiatry into the real world is outstanding. This is one experience I will never forget. I did several mental status exam that I am very confident it would serve me well in any program It definitely adds to my experience and now I believe I can immediately start on a firm ground in any programYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan was very helpful every step of the wayRES301PSY
9/5/2021 19:29:44Isabella8/2/2021Interventional Cardiology Orlando He cares about his students. He always asked us if we were happy, if we were learning new things, if we needed something in special from him… all this things contributed to an amazing enviroment at the clinics. I am glad I met Doctor H. He gave us topics to study every day to ontribute to the improvement of my knowledge in cardiology and electrocardiogram. He also gave me tips on how to present cases and prepare an ideal assessment and plan to each case. I am so glad that I had this experience with this amazing person and doctor he is.Certainly all I learn about Cardiology and case pesentation will help me during residency. I feel more confident after this rotation. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, I mentioned on my previous testimonial and feedback that Medclerkships gave me all the necessary support before my rotation and during it. Dan did a great job. FL301IMCIC
9/9/2021 13:05:10Jaya Sri7/19/2021Family MedicineHouston, TXDr Y’s clinic experience was the best. He gave me complete autonomy with the management plans of the patients. I learnt about management of patients with chronic debilitating illnesses. Also, the clinic staff were so friendly and welcoming. I’ve made some really great friends with this experience!Dr Y arranged for me to shadow him in the hospital, in inpatient and ICU in addition to the outpatient clinic. It was a good learning opportunity to see the management of patients in the hospital ranging from a regular cold in the ER to MRSA in ICU. Dr Y discussed management plans of different patients including chronic Afib, sudden onset C.diff in the inpatient unit. This experience was so worthwhile and I believe I would value the most. I was able to obtain the much needed clinical experience in the field I’m applying to. The preceptors have uploaded the LORs in a timely fashion. I believe the experience makes me a strong applicant for the upcoming cycle. YesStrongly Agree – 5Absolutely! Dan has been so kind with the scheduling. He was so flexible with my rotation dates and the I was able to change it a couple of times due to the travel restrictions with the ongoing pandemic. There have been multiple times where I wished I knew about the team sooner! I’ve already recommended Medclerkships to multiple friends who will contact you guys soon. TX300FM
9/10/2021 14:20:01Arnabi7/5/2021General SurgeryChicagoThe preceptor took keen interest in helping me learn about procedures such a EGD and Colonoscopy. He also would hold regular classes on various surgical topics and on suturing techniques.He guided me regarding the residency application process and also on how I could increase my chances of securing an interview .His advice definitely helped me improve my application and also gave me the confidence to pursue applying to surgery. He is encouraging and really inspiring, giving me pragmatic advice on the application process.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. The team at MedClerkship is really helpful and supports at each step of the rotation.IL300GS
9/10/2021 14:33:11Arnabi8/2/2021General Surgery MiamiDr. S is an incredible surgeon. He is truly bringing out the best in his students and pushed me to be the best I could be. He would allow me to scrub into all of his Surgeries and also give me the opportunity to take the history and PE of patients.I have learned tremendously and gained more confidence. I was given an opportunity to present in front of the team of Onco-Surgeons about pancreatic cancer-that was an incredible learning experience. He took the time to guide me on the application process and which universities I should try and apply to. He himself tried to improve my application as much as possible. He is incredibly as a teacher and a surgeon. One of the best experience I had in the US. I strong recommend this rotation to any student who wants to apply to surgery. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. I am thankful to MedClerkships for giving me this amazing rotation.FL300GS
9/10/2021 14:41:08Swathi6/14/2021Pediatrics New York City Dr. H made sure she translated to us what was going on whenever she consulted an Arabic speaking patient 1. Her approach towards every case
2. I taught by example how to stay calm on the most busy days
It has given me a very rounded approach to patient care and helped me be very mindful of cultural differences YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes . The processing of the clerkship was super quick. NY202PE
9/10/2021 15:18:05Madeline12/7/2021Internal medicineChicagoThe preceptor was very knowledgable and takes time to teach his students the current clinical practice guidelines. As a person, he is very approachable as well.Comprehensive patient care and excellent communication skillsHelped me gain US clinical experience hopefully put them into practice in the future.YesAgree – 4Yes. The responses to the queries were prompt and helpfulIL300IM
9/10/2021 15:28:26Madeline8/9/2021Pulmonology and Critical careAtlantaEven with COVID and the hospitals were getting closed, the preceptor went above and beyond to take me inside the ward so as to gain perspective about critical care and inhopsital admissions. Apart from this, She made sure to discuss and teach in every patient encounter. She also made a file with educational handouts for each student separately, which was really informative.Professionalism and dedication to patient care.She is really inspirational and I hope to embody her values in my clinical practice in the future.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. Prompt and helpful. But couldn’t get any benefit with the complimentary residency consultation. GA200IMP
9/10/2021 21:01:58Natalie8/2/2021PathologyArizona (teleUSCE)Dr. T would log on 15 minutes early before early class and take the time to answer any residency/match related questions the students had. It was a huge help!Dr. T is a great teacher and thoroughly went through each slideHaving an elective in the same specialty I’m applying to is a great benefitYesAgree – 4Yes, Dan is amazingRES302PTH
9/11/2021 6:26:13Madhulika3/6/2020Internal medicineNew YorkHe was kind and very helpful. Taught me the EMR system so well.Learnt EMR and gained confidence in history takingHis LOR carries so much weight in residency applicationYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, they respond very well to the emails and they never made me wait for the reply. That’s the best thing about medclerkships and they try their best to give you the rotation with all your requirements.NY300IMC
9/13/2021 3:41:38Meghna5/3/2021PediatricsHoustonAttending daily inpatient rounds in the hospital and learning about neonatal careCounselling patients and their families, practice with examination of little childrenThese are important skills to be a good pediatricianYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, prompt and helpfulTX200PE
9/15/2021 11:07:05Meghna5/31/2021Internal Medicine and Cardiology ComboBrooklyn New YorkWatching Dr V interact with patients and watching angio procedures with Dr D Greater confidence in history taking and presentation. They are what makes a good resident.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, prompt and helpfulNY300IMC
9/15/2021 11:09:50Meghna6/28/2021PediatricsBrooklyn New YorkWatching her interact with her patients and maintaining a great rapportFull work up of children and well child visitsThey are required for a good residentYesAgree – 4Yes, Prompt and HelpfulNY300PE
9/16/2021 12:51:05Jaya Sri8/30/2021Family MedicineTelehealth at NJ (teleUSCE)I was able to talk to few patients but certainly don’t recall any particular experience that I am happy with. It might be because of the platform of rotation rather than the preceptor. Patients weren’t comfortable enough, which is understandable. If I could do it all over again, I would choose to attend in-person rotation. I believe the major benefit was that I didn’t have to personally attend the clinic for the experience. Dr G and her husband tried their best to make me part of their team. They called me on whatsapp and made me talk to their patients which I think was pretty great on their part. I felt the conversations were informal. Although, I did learn quite a few things about how outpatient clinics work. I’ve gotten an LOR from Dr G, which I think adds strength to my application. YesAgree – 4I’m very happy with the customer service provided by Medclerkships. Dan checked up on me during the rotation, making sure everything was going good. He contacted the preceptors multiple times on my behalf when I wasn’t able to reach out, which is so kind of him. I would say my experience was great partly because of Dan. Thanks again for all your help!RES303FM
9/17/2021 11:28:32JITENDRA7/26/2021PsychiatryColumbus (teleUSCE)We discussed the challenging aspects of forensic psychiatry patients. He made me realise how important for psychiatrist to keep himself calm and flexible while planning management in such difficult cases. I did learn in details about the borderline personality disorder and its diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic aspects. I really appreciate how Dr K used to run psychiatry rotation involving mutiple students from different countries and background. He is always calm and patient in carefully listening any questions from every student and answer. He encouraged participation from every students. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, quick repsonse from begining till completion of rotation in all aspects like type of rotation, preceptior details, payment method issue, any issue in zoom meeting etc. RES301PSY
9/17/2021 12:29:26Wathsala 8/9/2021IMRiverdale She gave us topics to do presentations and covered most of the topics which requires for residency I got a LORI got a LOR and USCEYesAgree – 4Yes. WA301IM
9/23/2021 13:57:01Dr. 7/6/2020Internal Medicine & Hem/Onc(teleUSCE)At the time of applying for residency, I had been out of medical school and my US electives for 3 years. Therefore, I was looking for additional US Clinical Experience. A friend recommended MedClerkships and I booked two externships with the agency. Unfortunately, right after that, the covid pandemic started and travel became impossible. MedClerkships was very flexible when it came to changing the start date. Eventually, they arranged for my rotations to be done virtually. Despite the virtual nature of them, they still provided a decent insight into primary care in the United States and enabled me to obtain much needed recommendation letters from US physicians. I ended up using those LoRs at most of the places I got interviews from and one of them at the place where I ultimately matched, a university-affiliated program in NYC.They also provided the CV/PS editing service. After the match, the program required me to obtain updated copies of the LoRs and MedClerkships helped me get in touch with the attending and obtain the LoR.YesStrongly Agree – 5Overall, MedClerkships delivered all the services we agreed on and was very flexible during the unprecedented time of the first covid wave. As such, I am happy to report my positive experience and recommend MedClerkships as a reliable agency for IMGs looking to find clinical experience in the USA.RES300IMRES300HONC
9/24/2021 9:44:14Madeline6/7/2021Internal medicineAtlantaDr I is very amiable and has engaging discussions about each case. AutonomyHelped me to understand Autonomy under structured guidanceYesAgree – 4Yes GA101IMT
9/24/2021 13:04:40Rose8/30/2021Pediatric CardiologyKissimmeeI was happy to acquire more responsability than during observerships. I was able to interview patients, perfom EKGs alone and present the patient to my attending after it.
It was an experience that allowed me to grow as a future physician.
Independance= I was trusted with many tasks during the day. My preceptor would always be available for my questions or if I needed help.It boosted my confidence in my medical and personal skills. I feel more prepared for residency. YesStrongly Agree – 5I am very happy with the customer service.FL301PED
9/25/2021 12:52:59Priya6/9/2021Family MedicineLas Vegas, Nevada (teleUSCE)Dr. A is a very approachable person.She was always open to answering any questions I had and discussing about cases encountered in the clinic. An experience that I definitely have to mention is about the time she called in a patient who has a rare birth disorder just so me and my colleague to interact with the patient to better understand the condition and prepare a patient note. I got to see and learn first hand about what really is compassionate patient care.A good doctor-patient relationship is one of my primary goals as a physician and rotating with Dr. A has really set a high standard for me to emulate in the same in my future practice.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. The best thing about the service was the prompt response to any query. RES302FM
9/25/2021 13:08:55Priya5/27/2019CardiologyQueens, New YorkDr. M really created an environment where I was free to engage and learn from with any of the staff at the clinic including medical assistants, physician assistants, EKG, ECHO and nuclear stress test technicians, cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, an cardiac electrophysiologists etc.The opportunity to learn from so many different cardiologists and other healthcare staff and the exposure to such a culturally diverse patient population has definitely contributed to my growth as a physician.The diverse patient exposure has improved my interpersonal skills in the face of cultural and linguistic differences. Each individual at the clinic has taught me something new exposing me to different perspectives all of which are united in their commitment to patient care.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, especially the prompt response to any query.NY100C
10/1/2021 13:59:08Aanchal4/19/2021Internal Medicine Boston, MA The preceptor is triple board certified in IM,GI and allergy. He runs a private practice which is super fast paced and provides highly detailed and specialised care the patients. He is also headlining multiple reserve trials, the perfect balance of private and academic life. He is extremely very smart and working at his clinic for me was an absolute privilege. I mostly worked in the clinic and also observed him in the minor OT during EGD and Colonoscopy procedure. I did struggle in the first week of my rotation as it was a new challenging environment, but after my learning period, I really polished all the necessary skills that IMGs require for residency. The rotation is hard and demanding, but has the highest rewards!! I helped him out on some research as well! This rotation definitely provided a BIG boost to my match journey! After my rotation with this precpetor, I am confident in my ability to take histories, exam patients, form differentials, diagnose and treat patients. Most of all, I am extremely very confident with my ability to document the interactions in EHR. These skills are absolutely essential for residency in the US and for the practice beyond. I have received multiple compliments since my rotation with the doctor. After working at such a fast paced clinic, I am easily able to handle heavy workloads and never feel overwhelmed. YesStrongly Agree – 5Dan was extremely very helpful! He helped me find rotations that were best suitable for me. He is super fast with his responses and always had the answers to my questions.
Dr. Mike is the nicest! He definitely went above and beyond while helping me out with my application, and would schedule a phone call whenever I had any concerns and doubts. He was super reassuring, especially when I needed the reassurance.
There are many organisations that try fleecing IMGs and don’t provide good services, I have had my fair share of interactions with them.
MedClerkships is definitely NOT one of those, I got a whole lot more than what I paid for!
10/1/2021 23:19:02Sunanda 7/8/2021Cardiac ElectrophysiologyOrlando My preceptor was very encouraging every step of the way especially when we presented cases correctly he would praise us and if not then he would help us learn so we could improve. Really gained a deeper understanding of the intricacies of cardiac electrophysiology and also how complex and beautiful it is. This experience definitely strengthened my clinical knowledge and the way I interacted with patients. YesStrongly Agree – 5yesFL300IMCIC
10/3/2021 17:27:49Amanda7/5/2021Neurology and Psychiatry ComboHouston, TXDr. K was an excellent teacher and was constantly pushing me into new learning opportunities throughout my elective. Dr. H was also an excellent teacher and incredibly kind and thoughtful with his students.My practical knowledge of neurology was expanded significantly during such a short time. I also became very comfortable working with psychiatric patients.N/AYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes in general TX300NEP
10/7/2021 12:18:39Sai Sri 8/9/2021Internal medicineBrooklyn, New York (teleUSCE)Dr. K is an amazing teacher and makes sure he answers all our questions. He is also very compassionate to his patients which is very inspiring.This was a tele rotation which is the new normal, yet was very productive and kept me close to patients. I have learnt a lot about the US clinical set up and the EMR.This experience taught me specifically about handling an EMR and I also gained a great clinical knowledge about various medical conditions from routine common cold to Congestive heart failure, which i believe is definitely helpful for my future goals.YesAgree – 4I definitely recommend medclerkships, the customer service was great. Dan was always available to help me and guide me through the process, which made me less anxious.RES300IM
10/7/2021 15:16:23NUZHAT8/17/2021Internal Medicine Tacoma parkThe doctor is an excellent mentor. She teaches and explains the steps she takes with the patient Learn various procedure from the doctor. It was a hands on experience.Gained confidence YesStrongly Agree – 5YesWA300IM
10/11/2021 17:38:26Pallavi prakash5/1/2019Internal medicineHoustonHe was very eager to teach us details about clinical practice and allow us to get hands on experiences in his other locations. The rotation was very productive and all the staff members were very friendly. The hard work of Dr. S motivated me to be vigilant and enthusiastic about patient care. The importance of listening. The very important factor which helps to gain trust and understand them better.
To make patient comfortable around him and encourage them to share all their problems whether medical or no medical.
A great professional life – time lesson which will help me in clinical practice. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, always get quick response and positive advice. TX300IM
10/13/2021 12:34:03Vanessa9/1/2021Emergency MedicineChicagoI was very happy with my experience in Chicago at the hospital. I worked mainly with Dr S and received both guidance and enough space to be able to work-up patients on my own (with oversight). I enjoyed learning about various conditions such as asthma exacerbation, CHF exacerbation, opioid overdose and various bites and wounds . Moreover, the entire staff in the emergency department was absolutely lovely. I was even allowed to assist in some nursing procedures and overall learned a lot about the workflow in the ED.I value the guidance and also the autonomy I was given to interview and work-up patients on my own. This was one of the best hands on experiences I have had.While I have worked in a U.S. emergency department before (research), I have never worked up a patient in the ED. There is no direct equivalent to emergency medicine in Poland and I value being able to have this experience during a Covid year and being able to obtain a letter of recommendation with which to apply to EM.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes! I was sold on the company after being placed in contact with a former student who could tell me about his experience. I had used one other company in the past, which did not work well for me because they would not respond to my questions and concerns. Medclerkships responded promptly and worked around my hectic schedule. I also enjoyed the free consultations.IL200EM
10/15/2021 13:06:36Natalie8/30/2021Pathology AtlantaWe had the opportunity to review over 50 slides daily at the teaching microscope, including independent microscope time where we reviewed study sets. 1. Pathology career advising, including advice on residencies to apply to and fellowships to consider in the future. 2. Confidence to diagnose common pathologies due to repetition of these slides This was the best elective I have done. I would strongly recommend it to any student pursuing pathology!YesStrongly Agree – 5YesGA300PTH
10/15/2021 21:02:39Seerat7/12/2021Internal medicine & Cardiology ComboAtlantaI had a complete hands-on experience. I was able to see patients myself followed by case discussions with my preceptor.I have learned about patient interaction and bedside manner which plays a huge role in patient managementI am now more confident in my clinical skills as well as note taking ability.YesStrongly Agree – 5Dan was always prompt with his replies. He regularly checked up on me throughout my experience.GA200IMC
10/18/2021 21:10:53Fadi8/3/2021Internal medicine NYC (teleUSCE)My experience was brilliant, the mentor was very professional and easy going with thr students, always asks if we had any questions and push us to ask and acquire more knowledge and challenge ourselves Great mentor and tele work experience New experience I needed to apply this matchYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, medclerk always delivers the bestRES300IM
10/21/2021 10:43:51Diego8/2/2021CardiologyOrlandoThe patient’s case discussion with Dr H were greatI learned how to present cases and how to read ECGsI feel confident to apply for a residency now, knowing I learned how to collect a patient history and present the caseYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan was always very resolutiveFL301IMCIC
11/3/2021 11:41:07Gurraj10/4/2021Psychiatry HoustonI had a phenomenal experience with my preceptor. A specific experience that stood out for me was one day during morning rounds, the preceptor told me to take the lead with all the patient interviews and follow-ups and that was the first time when I truly felt that calling inside saying “this is the right field for you”. I took the initiative and saw every patient that day. Following days when things weren’t extremely hectic, the preceptor would let me take the lead again. Not only was that important in refining my skills in history taking and mental status exam taking, but helped build my confidence a lot.When you watch this preceptor in his element, practicing Psychiatry and engaging with his patients, you really appreciate the fundamentals of Psychiatry. The preceptor was an expert at communication skills while showing empathy that you’re left amazed at how he was able to get the necessary information from the patient for a diagnosis and further treatment planning. It’s such a benefit because you appreciate and realize that this is how you would want to emulate yourself as a psychiatrist.Since the preceptor was very well established and had interviewed candidates for residency in the past, he would sometimes ask you questions he would ask in residency interviews. When I tell you those questions really made you think, they definitely made you think outside of the box. It helped me mentally prepare myself for any curve ball questions I probably won’t see coming, but will be ready for now. YesStrongly Agree – 5I was extremely happy with the service provided by Medclerkships. Not only were they quick in replying back, they would assist me immediately whenever I had any questions or doubts. The background paperwork needed for the rotation was done efficiently and I had no trouble upon arrival at my rotation site with any outstanding documentation. It was a smooth first experience and I’m very happy I went with Medclerkships. TX300PS
11/4/2021 11:17:57Santh Prakash8/30/2021Hepatobiliary Surgery, Surgical oncology and General Surgery MiamiHe gives very constructive criticism which will help the student a lot in many aspects. Also, he gives very personalised inputs which are very valuable.He made me realise the importance of self teaching in medicine.
Learnt the roles of an intern.
Learning the roles of an intern and self teaching are very important for residency.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, absolutely happy. They were very patient and gave me enough time to make my own choice.FL300GS
11/5/2021 12:45:09Naveen7/12/2021Internal Medicine & Cardiology ComboAtlantaVolume of cases, Dual specialty preceptors, Friendly interaction with studentsCommunication Skills, Insurance knowledgeHelped my CV a lot, as these experiences are highly appreciated by fellow colleaguesYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. GA200IMC
11/5/2021 12:48:30Naveen8/30/2021Internal Medicine NewyorkHis Understanding and adaptability during time of application and stress associated with itdiversity of patient population, truly international center work cultureDeveloped working in a fast pace environment, Problem solving skills YesStrongly Agree – 5YesNY101IMC
11/11/2021 18:38:25Lulwah11/1/2021Pediatric CardiologyOrlandoEchocardiogram experience and being able to perform and understand EKGs Knowledge and clinical encounter experience.I gained a lot of clinical experience and knowledge regarding pediatric cardiology.YesStrongly Agree – 5Everything was great, FL301PED
11/14/2021 6:55:08maria10/4/2021PediatricsBrooklynMy preceptor allowed for a very hands-on learning experience, enabling me to build my clinical skills. She never hesitated to stop and teach.hands-on clinical experienceIt allowed for a lot of patient interaction, which I can speak to on my residency application.YesStrongly Agree – 5yes very happy, they were very accommodating and helpful in finding a placement and suitable time for my clinical elective.NY202PE
11/26/2021 16:14:00Haseeb10/17/2021Emergency Medicine ChicagoMy preceptors allowed me plenty of hands on experience opportunities and tought me stuff that is now helping me in my Step 2 prep.Practical knowledge and its application
Knowledge about EMR System
I’m still early in my residency process YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. It was very professional. IL200EM
12/1/2021 17:58:16Vanessa10/1/2021Emergency MedicineAtlantaI was able to assist in several procedures including chest drainage, central line placement and CPR. I was really happy in how involved I was the more experience I gained.I learned how to present patient cases in a concise and systematic way. I also was able to assist in some procedures These benefits have helped me understand the American healthcare system and have prepared me for residency.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. Medclerkships really went above and beyond whenever I had any questions or concernsGA200MC
12/4/2021 0:40:27Kushagra10/11/2021Psychiatry Atlanta He taught us how to approach the treatment of a psychiatric patient . His discussions on topics were amazing. You should choose the speciality which you love, you will have to live with it. It provided me with a broader prospective. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. Dr Mike is an amazing person. He is very helpful and understanding. He is also very polite.RES301PSY
12/12/2021 13:06:52Ryan11/1/2021neurology- medicineJersey CityOne patient came in requiring a full neurological evaluation in preparation for an upcoming professional sports event and not only did my preceptor allow me to take the time to carry out the detailed neurological examination, he also welcomed the questions that I had after and offered me feedback on my examination technique. -observing and learning from my preceptors interview, examination and work-flow documentation skill
-being able to practice and receive feedback and hone my neurological history, examination and presentation skill
This rotation opened my eyes to the fields of neurology, neurophysiology, and psychiatry and has heightened my interested in pursuing residency training in one of these medical specialties.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. COVID-19 restrictions in New York City caused my original placement to be canceled. I was worried Until med clerkships reached out to me alerting me of this and offering to switch me into a rotation in New Jersey where I was previously told would be unavailable. I was happy with the customer service I received from med clerkships and that I was able to complete my USA placement experience.NJ300NEU
12/19/2021 0:50:16Annie11/1/2021Pediatrics New York Independent history and physical assessments for patients EMR use and Pediatric outpatient case management It helped me gain knowledge and experience the US healthcare system. YesAgree – 4Yes, always available to respond to any questions and prompt replies. Very kind and courteous always. NY202PE
12/28/2021 11:11:50Monisha5/20/2019Internal MedicineDCDr K was welcoming and warm. She helped ease most of my anxiety in dealing with new patients and a new place entirely and grounded me. I was confident in conversing with her, and being able to approach her. Working with the computer system, as well as, drawing blood and lab discussions. Helping develop the familiarity of working in a clinic in the US, with the experience I had outside of the US.Being exposed to the populace, to patients and working through a clinician set up.YesAgree – 4Yes, it was essential to be able to call and have someone you can contact who will help you meet your preceptor. I was worried in the most part because I was in a totally different environment. WA300IM
12/28/2021 11:24:58Monisha6/17/2019Internal MedicineBaltimore, MarylandDr G had clinics in two locations. He helped coach me through the Step 2 CS format.
He was very precise and helped me improve with every patient that came in. Regular check-ups, pre-op, post-op and routine physicals.
Many follow up patients came in, and others like Lumbar radiculopathy, spinal stenosis, Gout and IBS.
He was approachable and I was comfortable to confide any doubts, queries that came about the clerkship.
I was educated on the deaddiction program in particular. The exposure to understanding deaddiction and awareness about the programs in place to treat it was new to me.Working through a clinician’s set upYesAgree – 4YesMD300IM
12/28/2021 11:35:11Monisha 10/16/2019Internal Medicine and CardiologyAtlantaDr T and Dr I were both approachable and wonderful instructors.
Dr T held regular discussions to engage all of us in diagnostic procedures and management. In a field of cardiology, he pushed us and educated us regularly. It was inpatient more than outpatient, which I preferred as well. As a hospitalist, he took us through many more procedures and it was a rewarding education and exposure with him. He also took us through prepping for the main interview for the match.
I followed Dr I in his clinic and he was a good instructor who helped us all feel grounded and made the team work well under him. I was well exposed to clinical setups and was able to add to that with Dr I.
The exposure in cardiology, to the cases, inpatient and outpatient were immeasurable to me as a graduate looking for a future in this field.
In internal medicine, it was the set up and comfort of routine, working quickly through cases and through patients.
Hospitalist and clinician setups helped grow confidence in both fields. YesStrongly Agree – 5YesGA200IMC
1/7/2022 18:54:00Rasika12/6/2021PediatricsChicagoI did my rotation with Dr. H in the month of December.
I learnt a lot with Dr. H. I was taught to give vaccines, saw interesting cases and was allowed to interact with patients.
Dr. H was very helpful and patient with me. Just watching her in action is pushing me to be just like her one day.
Thank you MedClerkships for giving me this opportunity to work with her!
I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a great experience.
Making the doctor visit for the patient a fun experienceDr. H discussed questions that we’d see on our Steps, gave us tips on how to study YesStrongly Agree – 5YesIL304PE
1/18/2022 14:47:36Monica12/20/2021Internal Medicine(teleUSCE)emphathetic, accommodating, thorough knowledge Hands on experience and experienced and accommodating perceptorsEven though it was tele, it gave a real life experience especially in this COVID situationYesStrongly Agree – 5AbsolutelyRES305IM
1/18/2022 15:11:16Sai Rakshith1/3/2022Internal medicineNew jerseyI am very happy with the patient exposure i am getting, also I’m learning a lot of things about EMR and many otherI got to share my experience in my residency interview and they were very impressed with the exposure I am gettingI’m getting good training and us clinical exposureYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, very quick responses, I appreciate itNJ103IM
1/21/2022 12:40:00Mehak12/6/2021Internal MedicineNew yorkVery student friendly and a healthy environment.Confidence and knowledge Can approach patients betterYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, extremely helpful NY100IMV
1/26/2022 17:39:07vinay1/3/2022Neurology Sugarland (Houston, TX)
Preceptor was very friendly he was always active motivating us helping us learn things in a easy way
He always wanted to show us as many patients as possible through the clerkship
1) interacting with patients Helped me how to be with patients how to talk to them deal with them
How neurology can be made easy with flow charts
YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes it was fine TX301NE
1/29/2022 1:31:27INSUNG10/7/2019Internal medicineBrooklyn, NYCDr. K was very skillful in practice. He taught me how to use his sense of humor while seeing many patients. He never lost a smile on his face. Since I had been practicing in my clinic, I could apply his way of dealing with picky patients when I returned to my country. When I started the rotation, I wasn’t used to the strong accent patients were talking in. However, I improved my language skill and could experience real clinical stuff by participating in practice at Dr. K’s clinic. He generously let me do that. That truly helped me a lot pass step2 CS at once. I could never have passed the exam If I hadn’t had the experience. As I mentioned, his way of dealing with patients still helps my practice. YesStrongly Agree – 5No specific customer services I needed after I had arrived in the States. NY100IMB
1/29/2022 1:45:44INSUNG11/4/2019Internal medicine & Emergency medicineBrooklyn, NYCI was supposed to rotate in one hospital’s ER, but they rejected me as I didn’t have a social security number. That was so weird; Dr. R seemed to get baffled as well. It would not have been reassuring if Dr. R had not tried to find an alternative. Fortunately, he could squeeze me into an externship position in a better hospital’s ER. I had an excellent experience there. Dr. R’s medical knowledge was incredible. I, also as a practitioner, could evaluate someone’s ability by working with him(her). He’s not a mediocre doctor. Moreover, his way of teaching students – including me – was the most impressive. We still catch up with each other by email. He cheered me up and encouraged me when I failed to get matched in a residency position. YesStrongly Agree – 5NY300IE
1/29/2022 18:07:59Sajith11/8/2021Internal MedicineCarrollton, Dallas, TxDr. P is one marvelous guy! He is so experienced in the field of medicine and research. He is an expert in treatment of HTN and DM. Best thing i loved working with him is very sweet guy and easy to work with. He teaches how to treat patients by establishing patient doctor relationships, thorough physical examination( which is rarely done these days in any clinics) and evidence based research directed treatment to his patients. 3 best things I learned as a doctor from him are :
1.Take care of your patient.
2. Do your history and physical again if you are not sure about your diagnosis
3. Take time to talk and explain each and everything to your patients. Create a safe space with your patient.
This experienced helped me curate myself as a better doctor, old school medicine and experience reminded me core values to be a doctor. Treating patients of different ethnicity with Dr. P made me realise how my resident life in USA gonna be.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan been helpful all along. Thanks to Mike as well. TX300DIM
2/13/2022 16:12:47Shaira1/10/2022PediatricsHoustonDr. S is extremely friendly. He is also very good with how he treats his patients and is alot of fun to work with. He also likes to teach and tells you about the patient and his thoughts while he dicates his notes. I think I really learned and saw how he made long lasting relationships with the patients. He has patients whose mother he saw as a pediatrician. He knows how to keep working around the families.It has helped me to learn and understand how general pediatrics works and will help me when I start working YesStrongly Agree – 5yes I was. Very prompt TX200PE
2/14/2022 4:24:58vinay1/3/1997Neurology Houston Dr k is a great teacher, he makes students learn neurology in a very simple way. He is a very friendly preceptor.I learned how to write an article in a scientific way I got a good guidance from dr k NoStrongly Agree – 5TX301NE
2/16/2022 11:26:10Sudha 12/6/2021PathologyNew York The Preceptor answers all your questions with patience and makes us understand the concepts really well. I gained good knowledge of renal pathology and received good letter of recommendation.This experience has provided me the necessary knowledge and experience required for residency application. YesStrongly Agree – 5YesRES300PTH
2/16/2022 22:28:03Roaa1/24/2022ImDallas A lot of patient exposure , learned new stuff , hands on , blood samples ecg and more More knowledge and good manners and ethicsGave me a good push to get into residency YesAgree – 4TX300DIM
2/18/2022 12:33:42Felipe A 1/3/2022General Surgery/Plastic SurgeryAtlanta, GAI had one of the best months of my career while being on this rotation.I was able to be in direct contact with American patients and had the chance to enter many surgeries, always under the supervision of Dr. WI have to say that he is one of the best plastic surgeons in America, he’s always willing to teach and answer questions, I certainly enjoyed this rotation a lot.YesStrongly Agree – 5YesGA100GSPS
2/18/2022 13:19:15Srikar1/3/2022Internal medicineBrooklynDr. V is such an amazing teacher, there was a patient that had chronic headache and all of students were sure of a diagnosis. However Dr. V came in with a standard medicine book and gave us a new diagnosis that we didn’t know before. You get to learn something new with him everyday and that’s something I loved in the rotation. My rotation in Brooklyn was at a high input center which helped me learn to tackle the challenges better. The EMR system was something that we were taught very well and it has helped me with my other rotations as well. So one of goals for my residency application that I had was to show how I am adaptable and take a challenge head on. My rotation with Dr. V had enough patient exposure for me to assess myself in a standard setting. The rotation being in Brooklyn and affiliated with a university has helped me understand the demographics better. YesStrongly Agree – 5Customer service has always been prompt, whenever we had a query or were stuck in a situation we always had a resolution from the management. NY100IMV
2/18/2022 18:30:24Bhaswanth1/3/2022INTERNAL MEDICINENew yorkI like how the preceptor engages with the students so jovially and gives a feedback on the areas that we have to improve constantlyLearning the EMR system and meeting lot of IMG’sHelped me communicate with lot of imgs about how they are going to prepare for the season and also improved my communication skills.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes satisfiedNY100IMV
2/19/2022 10:11:04Omar1/3/2022General Surgery/ Oncology SurgeryHialeahI was happy with Dr. SOne benefit was that Dr. S let me see patients on my own present my management plan to him. Another benefit was that he organized a multi-department conference where I presented on a topic.I can add the presentation I did to my CV as a research item and this will help bolster my application.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, there were some administrative changes at one of the hospitals and new forms that needed to be updated were sent through promptly.FL300GS
2/19/2022 20:23:57Fatima 1/24/1999Internal medicine Chicago Preceptor was very good. He would particularly teach on every patient and gives you hands on experience Communication skills and emergency management Motivates me for practicing in the USYesStrongly Agree – 5IL300IM
2/22/2022 12:19:06Michelle10/25/2021Internal medicine New yorkHands on experience Letter of recomendarion, experience in the US medical system Increases my chances to get match into a residency program in the USYesStrongly Agree – 5YesNY100IMV
2/26/2022 8:51:22Rasika1/3/2022Paediatrics Chicago Learnt to take and present cases Discussed questions we’d see on Step 2 and ways of answering them I’m more comfortable interacting with patients YesAgree – 4IL303PE
3/4/2022 15:55:57Shaiqa2/7/2022Internal medicine chicago doctor made sure we get to learn I got a lot of clinical knowledge Got good outpatient experience YesStrongly Agree – 5yes IL300IM
3/4/2022 19:30:29Nikhil1/31/2022PM&RHoustonGot a chance to do some hands-on procedurespotential poster presentation at AAPMRPotential abstract publication YesStrongly Agree – 5TX300PM
3/4/2022 20:38:52Xiaohan1/31/2022Neurology YonkersOffer me a lot of chance to ask questions and take history from a pt To build rapport with ptImprove my communication skills YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. NY300NEY
3/5/2022 7:58:19Beatriz2/7/2022PediatricsHouston We had a lot of spanish speaking people as patients and my preceptor always allowed me to exam them which was great for me because I was able to practice both my English and Spanish during the rotation Being able to practice my case presentations on a daily bases and having a large number of patients It is absolutely important for IMGs to practice the case presentation methods in order to succeed in residency routines and seeing a higher number of patients allowed me to learn differentials diagnosis and treatments apart from improving my capability of working with kidsYesStrongly Agree – 5Absolutely, Dan was amazing. He helped me with everything and always answered my questions right away. TX200PE
3/5/2022 13:48:51Dawood2/7/2022Internal Medicine & NeurologyChicago ILClass based productive discussions Able to make differential diagnosis

Now I know how to perform Fecal Occult Blood Test all on my own!
Able to rule out diseases and be sure of the correct diagnosisNoAgree – 4IL300IMN
3/7/2022 8:55:30Rasika1/31/2022Paediatrics Chicago She made sure I felt comfortable and at home after knowing that I was from India She had a list of chapters that she made sure we discussed and I understood The discussions we’ve had on different topics have helped studying for my exams much easier YesStrongly Agree – 5IL301PE
3/7/2022 13:48:01Feeba1/24/2022Internal Medicine – Nephrology Dallas My preceptor has gone above and beyond to ensure that as an IMG I am prepared to face the expectations required of an intern at residency. I continue to learn new things about the US healthcare system. In particular he has been teaching me how to master SOAP presentations.
My preceptor has been nothing short of patient and he teaches very clearly. He allowed me to follow up a couple of his patients and his patients love him so do the staff that work with him.
1. It’s always okay to ask for help and that in-fact it’s encouraged.
2. Always giving everything a humble shot. Interns are there to learn and that’s what’s expected of us.
SOAP presentations has been something I’ve struggled on- one of the most basic things expected of an intern. The better the presentation, the happier the Attending! My preceptor has taught me how to present in a concise and precise manner. YesStrongly Agree – 5In the two months I’ve been in contact with Medclerkship, I’ve always felt prioritized! I’m able to contact them at any time, through several mediums. They are very quick to respond to my questions and concerns and goes above and beyond to solve any problems I’ve faced. TX300DNI
3/7/2022 20:35:24Jahnavi1/31/2022Internal medicineDallas,TexasMy Clinical experience with Dr.P was extremely helpful and he has taught me in effective way, which will be remembered for my further years .I was allowed to take history of the patients and examine them, and Dr.P took out the time to go over the cases, help improve my overall clinical skills and answered all of queries and questions. He was very patient, kind, and overall it was a memorable experience.improvement of my clinical skills, interaction with the patients, and better understanding of the application of theory knowledge into a practical approach.With my skills improvement, I can show how much of an efficient doctor I am, and let them know that I am open to learning opportunities and that I cherish learning new things everyday.YesStrongly Agree – 5MedClerkships has made the process easy and is a brilliant program for International Medical Students, looking for electives.TX300DIM
3/8/2022 19:18:04Kashif1/28/2022Internal MedicineChicagoDuring my rotation I came across many patients and was able to have direct patient contact and hands on practice. This rotation helped me build my communication skills with the patients in the US. I saw many interesting cases including Bullous pemphigoid and I was amazed to see this disease in medical practice.Dr. M would take the students for morning rounds at Swedish Hospital so it was a nice experience to get familiar with the US hospitals and also with Epic EMR at Swedish Hospital. At the end of the rotation Dr. M wrote me an outstanding recommendation as well. I familiarized myself with Epic EMR during my rotation and because many hospitals in the US use Epic EMR so it is a huge advantage to be acquainted with it. The recommendation that Dr. M wrote me is also very helpful towards my residency application. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan was always very quick to answer any questions.IL300IM
3/8/2022 21:21:14Ankita1/3/2022General surgery, hepatobiliary surgery and surgical oncology Hialeah, Florida The preceptor encouraged us to be more involved in the clinic as well as in the OR. He was patient and gave plenty opportunities to rectify mistakes and be better. He also took the time and discussed my performance and strengths and highlighted the areas I need to focus on in order to be a competitive applicant and competent surgeon at the end of the rotation which I appreciate. Learnt to access and use the EMR, present cases, present topics in the journal club and attend meetings with the team and participate in case discussions.
The preceptor helped in inculcating and applying critical thinking skills in surgical cases.
His guidance and tips on how to approach my application and match cycle for surgical residency.
Shadowing and networking with the other surgeons of the team.
Since this was my first rotation in the US, the inputs that my preceptor gave and the time I spent shadowing his team gave me an idea about how training/ working as a surgeon in the US would be. I have clarity on how the system works and the things I need to focus on to match successfully.
YesStrongly Agree – 5The customer service provided by the team was good, I received prompt responses from the team and Mr Martinez checked in to see if I am satisfied with the rotation a couple of weeks into the rotation which I appreciate.
The only problem was with respect to the vaccine status which could have been confirmed and handled before the rotation started and not halfway into it since I had to coordinate with my doctor in NJ, request a new card and then re-take the vaccine.
3/9/2022 19:05:09Thrinatha1/10/2022Internal medicine MarylandDr. G is the preceptor for my first rotation ever in the US. I had so many fears and self doubt, when I was rotating here and was also making blunders when asked questions, but Dr. G has always corrected me with me a smile, suggested to read specific topics. Since it’s a limited student rotation, I got a one on one learning experience from the preceptor., which really helped me personally to be more open about myself.
All I can say is, if you’re outgoing and confident, you can start taking history and come to a differential diagnosis and discuss with the preceptor right after., see the lab reports and much more.
Case knowledge
And how to deal the case., stepwise
Since this is my first rotation, the interaction with my preceptor and patients boosted my confidence for my future interactions.
otherwise I’m really not an outgoing person.
YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Really quick responses from dan.
Very helpful.
Easy to work with.
3/12/2022 16:41:07Srikar2/28/2022Cardiology-IMAtlantaMy rotation in Atlanta was an experience I will remember fondly not only because of the friendly and interactive preceptors, but also because of the top notch procedures with an excellent team in the hospitals. It inspired me and spiked my interests in the field of cardiology. Both Dr. I and Dr. T were extremely friendly and made sure we always felt comfortable. With very little hesitation I would go back to do this rotation and would recommend it to my friends.Dr. I has made sure that my communication skills with the patients were made even better to further empathize, and make the patient comfortable. He also made sure I felt like a colleague rather than a student.
Dr. T is one of the most intelligent doctors I have met in my journey. He always encouraged his students to not just be doctors but always makes sure that our interests outside medicine are never neglected. His expertise with the ECG’s and skills in the Cath lab have definitely inspired me to pursue cardiology as a profession.
Both Dr. T and Dr. I have made sure that I am thinking right in terms of my application. They had an extensive discussion regarding my skills, strengths and way my applicationYesStrongly Agree – 5GA200IMC
3/18/2022 14:44:49Yadira2/7/2022PsychiatryDallasHaving the opportunity to interact directly with the patients to do their new patient history or prescreening them before their appointments.Getting to know her struggles as a foreign doctor and how she overcame them has giving me hope.It has reinforced my commitment to endure any unforseen difficulties to be able to help people struggling with their mental health.YesAgree – 4TX100DPS
3/21/2022 11:23:54Szabolcs2/7/2022PediatricsHoustonMy preceptor was super friendly, intelligent, and clinically insightful. Watching his interaction with the patients, the parents, and the staff was truly amazing. The first was being able to carry out physical exams and interviews with patients one on one. The second was presenting the patients we saw to the doctor and giving him our differential diagnosis. I was able to get some great advice about the application process and some recommendations on where to apply. I also gained great clinical skills moving into my future career. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, the service was really fast, personal, and amazing. I really love my experience with medclerkship.TX200PE
3/21/2022 12:03:47AKSHITA11/29/2021Cardiology Houston, Texas Dr. G allowed was kind enough to request a patient come back on myl last day of rotation so that I could observe the follow up procedures. He’s an excellent teacher, did weekly classes Of ECG/ other topics. He was also great with involving students in the office, allowing us to take vitals, write the notes, present the cases, etc. I was able to learn how to present patient cases, write notes in the EMR, and learnt a great deal about patient communication. YesStrongly Agree – 5TX300IMCA
3/31/2022 8:57:38Mian Zia2/7/2022IM/Nephrology New York CityHow she trusted my abilities on making notes and doing them on my own. She was very nice and supportive. There wasn’t a day where i felt that i didn’t belong there. The initial exposure to the US health system and how to make it through residency considering the various options. It gave me a different outlook on how there are certain paths to matching and the process which I wasn’t aware of YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Medclerkships response was always quick and when i had some questions they gave a detail explanation and helped solved my problems. NY201IMNP
4/1/2022 19:08:17Monica1/24/2022Surgerynew york (teleUSCE)teleGreat teacher totally focused on bringing the best out of the studentn/aYesStrongly Agree – 5yesRES300GS
4/2/2022 19:53:35Pragnya3/7/2022StudentAtlantaMy preceptor was very interactive and made sure we studied a topic each day and we would have to teach it to him the next day. With this routine I got to revise so many different topics throughout the month. He would also question us during procedures and I learned so many new things in this rotation. Very very helpful rotation.I learned a lot of information in IM-Cardiology that I wouldn’t find in textbooks. I also got to touch up on all my basics and now my knowledge in the area is a lot stronger than before. With the knowledge I gained through this rotation the questions I have been practicing for my Step 2 have been going a lot better. I can see the clear improvement in my all my practice tests in the cardiology blocks. Great help, my scores have gotten better. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes I was, everything was taken care of by the time I arrived and it all went very smoothly. Really appreciated the help. GA200IMC
4/5/2022 13:36:22Wiktor3/7/2022Neurology/PsychiatryNew YorkI discussed every patient case with the preceptor after encounter. During these short presentations he helped with note writing and taught how to handle difficult/uncooperative patient. He also reassured me when I wasn’t sure whether I made the correct course of action saying that he would do the same, which helped with my clinical performance.Establishing rapport and
managing a patient with chronic neurological and psychiatric conditions.
The above benefits allowed me to work more independently with patients and feel more confident while interacting with patients.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, the team checked up on me at the beginning of the roation and made sure that everything is set up in best possible way for me to benefit from the clinical roation. NY300NEP
4/5/2022 16:53:13Dawood3/14/2022Internal MedicineNYCHands on patient experience (take BP, place EKG leads and interpret it, etc)1) Screening tests guidelines taught
2) how to step up or step down BP and DM medicines
YesAgree – 4NY100IMB
4/5/2022 19:27:52Harish3/7/2022Internal MedicineWashington, D.CThe doctor demonstrated the process of taking a proper history and walked us through the physical exam. She gave appropriate pointers after observing our history taking. Throughout the rotation there was regular feedback and we discussed important topics at the end of the day whenever possibleIt was a supportive environment where I could demonstrate my clinical skills and improve on them based on feedback, and the small class size helped in building good rapport with the preceptorGained good understanding of the US healthcare systemYesStrongly Agree – 5WA301IM
4/8/2022 15:33:34Carmen7/3/2022NeurologyJersey CityI spent a month on Dr.K’s clinic where I was exposed to several neurology diseasesLearned how to do a neuro exam and how to take neuro historyI will know how to take a patient’s history and present the patient to the attending YesStrongly Agree – 5YesNJ300NEU
4/8/2022 15:43:55Szabolcs3/7/2022Internal MedicineChicagoI was happy at his willingness to teach, hold review sessions, and put us on the spot while asking everyone individual questions. Made us think and learn a great deal of information. Better knowledge of medication, and more comfortable doing hands-on patient encounters from beginning to end. It was great hand’s on experience which I really enjoyed. Makes me more comfortable seeing patients and making decisions about patient care. It also allowed me to become more comfortable with being put on the spot and asked questions which I think will be valuable during the application process. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, it was very quick, friendly, and outstanding. Really knowledgeable and understanding. I look forward to using the resources to build my resume and personal statement for the application. IL300IM
4/8/2022 16:56:57Navnoor3/7/2022PediatricsHoustonYes I am happy with my preceptor.My preceptor’s experience and his approach towards patientsMade me a better history takerYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. TX200PE
4/8/2022 17:31:16Mohammad 3/7/2022Internal Medicine BrooklynGiving advises based on his long experience in Internal MedicineHands-on experience/ communication with patient .YesAgree – 4Fast response, Helpful, Many options for rotations NY100IMV
4/15/2022 14:50:07YUVARAJ 3/21/2022General surgery New york (teleUSCE)In-depth knowledge from his vast experience and he is so genuine and patience in teaching and clearing the doubts.Residency related doubts that I can’t see commonly in internet.Based on my interaction with the doctor , now i am even more confident about choosing the Specialty of my choice.YesAgree – 4Yes, fast response and coordination. RES300GS
4/16/2022 9:28:25Aakash3/21/2022Internal MedicineRiverdale, MDDr. G is an extremely kind hearted and patient teacher. She has a full opd (almost 40-50 patients daily on an average) but still she manages to give her students the time to teach and clear any doubts you might have regarding the differentials.The invaluable exposure with a highly experienced doctor allowed me to interact with multiple patients independently, examine them and diagnose them. After presenting the case, the Dr. G quizzed me for differentials and treatment options.
Dr. G showed me various procedures including intra-articular injections, measurement of ABI, Allergy skin testing, and allows you to perform minor procedures such as suture/staple removal if she deems you to be trained for it.
She also showed me the EPIC system and how to use it during the in-patient rounds
This clerkship has improved my understanding of the US healthcare system and I’ve gained a valuable insight to its inner workings. Dr. G assesses you and directly uploads the LOR to the ERAS application once you receive the token and start your application.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. The team was very quick to respond and helped me secure the rotation just 2 weeks before the start date.WA301IM
5/3/2022 15:43:10Ankitha4/11/2022Internal medicine pulmonology Houston Texas Dr B teaches very well Nothing Not applicable YesAgree – 4Yes TX300IMCP
5/6/2022 15:49:00Nage 4/11/2022Internal medicine, PulmonologyHoustonDr. L was extremely friendly, polite, easy going while Dr. B was really interested to teach us and to be honest we really loved both of them.
It’s like best of both worlds.
Wouldn’t say I have learnt much from a hospital because we never got a chance to enter the hospital but the experience we had in the clinic was pretty good.
Met very good people.
I would say the main focus is LOR, it’s a very good rotation.YesStrongly Agree – 5Pretty happy.TX300IMCP
5/6/2022 16:05:11sruthi 5/4/1997Internal medicine Dallas the perceptor was super nice and friendly. He made sure to interact with me one on one everyday when he had the time and let me take history and examine patients on my own after which he answered the doubts I had. He is kind and considerate towards all his patients as well as his staff learnt diagnosis and treatment of HTN, diabetes. improved my clinical skills YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes TX300DIM
5/6/2022 22:29:52Vamsi Krishna4/11/2022Internal medicine/PulmonologyHoustonTeaching by Dr. L and Dr. B was really amazingTeaching experience and patient interactions at the clinic.
But we did not get a chance to visit the hospital and do inpatient rounds.
We did not receive our hospital badge though we did the process of payment and everything.
Nonetheless one of the best rotations in Houston
It will help me to become a better physician as I was inspired by the different cases seen and how Dr. L and Dr. B would give us opportunities to interact with the patients.YesStrongly Agree – 5Definitely and Dan responded very quickly and promptly TX300IMCP
5/9/2022 22:35:06Shelieza4/4/2022Family MedicineBrooklynWhen a patient was upset with how long they had to wait and the doctor was able to calm down the patient and have a good doctor-patient interactionLearning to use the EMR is an invaluable skilled learned from USCEThe doctor gave many tips on residency application and things to consider when applying such as locationYesAgree – 4Yes, the team was always there to answer all my questionsNY100FM
5/13/2022 11:04:11Joseph4/18/2022Internal MedicineCarrollton, TexasHe puts in a lot of effort to teach us, and is a perfect example of a highly skilled, and competent physician. He even took the time to teach us through examples, and learning materials printed out of his previous Blood pressure studies which were very interesting. He let us be hands on with some patients and let us do ECGs and give patient injections with history taking. I would recommend this program to any of my colleagues and friends.I definitely got better with my history taking after this rotation. He really explains to listen to the patients and to take your time. I have also learned what tests you should order for each patient as deciphering that takes skill, which I feel I have acquired to a certain degree.Patient satisfaction is key. History taking is an art, and I feel this experience with Dr. P has helped me increase my skill set in that regard. I will definitely take what I have learned here for my career in medicine in the near future.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, they did well. They emailed me back in a timely fashion and they are very cooperative and friendly.TX300DIM
5/13/2022 15:21:11Yadira4/18/2022Psychiatry(teleUSCE) Columbus, AtlantaHaving dynamic classes to learn the fundamental concepts of psychiatry, mental status examination practicing and the opportunity to do a presentation about a topic of my own interest.The feedback to improve my patients interviewing skills.Having a better understanding about the practice of psychiatry in the US YesAgree – 4Yes, because of the promptly response through communication channels.RES301PSY
5/13/2022 20:50:34Sai Dinesh4/18/2022Internal Medicine/GastroenterologyBOSTONOur preceptor showered us with so much of knowledge that made me love this subject even moreResponsibility and accountabilityGave me more confidence to move forwardYesStrongly Agree – 5MA300IM
5/20/2022 13:48:53Faten4/18/2022Family medicineSouth RiverShe encouraged me and helped me to have confidence.I wasn’t trusting my English because it is not my first language but from my patient’s presentation to her I learned to trust my self and work on my weaknessesFirst us clinical experience for me allowed to approach a patient do his physical and historyI didn’t apply yet but it seems that when a perception load LOR for you is good and my perceptor is going to do that for meYesStrongly Agree – 5NJ100FM
5/20/2022 14:57:46Mini4/18/2022PediatricsChicagoThe experience was good. Preceptor taught us everything we needed to know. It was a busy clinic with lots of hands on experience. The preceptor made us take the history, do the physical examination and also let us use the EHR. Leaving us alone with the patients and letting us do the physical examination, take history, diagnose and come with a plan. She then taught us about the caseGetting such a hands on experience built confidence in me and also greatly improved my communication skills with the patientsYesStrongly Agree – 5YesIL304PE
5/25/2022 7:07:13Harjot5/2/2022PathologyTucson, AZ (teleUSCE)He was very enthusiastic when it came to teaching and every time we had our meetings, he would give me tips and information regarding residency interview and matching. I gained confidence that I was knowledgeable in the field of Pathology and I was able to know other Pathologists through his sharing of various resources It helped reduce my anxiety of not being good enough and helped me connect with other Pathologists as well and gain insights as how to go about my application process especially writing my CV and PS YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, I am. I have been talking with Dan for customer service and he has been very friendly and always responds to my inquiry RES302PTH
5/30/2022 14:33:55Aakash4/18/2022Internal MedicineTakoma Park, MarylandThe in-depth detail oriented history that Dr. K takes along with the personal touch that she provides to each and every patient was extremely gratifying.Dr. K helped me by immensely improving my knowledge about the latest advancements in clinical medicine along with the latest therapeutic guidelines. She also taught me the value of personal touch to each and every patient.Learning in a community setup along with the wide variety of patients. Her knowledge in the field of Cardiology was excellent and she also helped me learn a thing or two about it. She piqued my interest in the subject, and now I am thinking a future in Cardiology.YesAgree – 4Excellent!WA300IM
5/31/2022 12:08:16Michelle4/4/2022ResearchFairfieldopportunity to publish Opportunity to peer review papers, co-authorshipadd this experience to my curriculumYesAgree – 4yesRES300AS
6/1/2022 14:39:13Christabel5/2/2022Gastroenterology New York, Queens .How to work under constant pressure .YesAgree – 4It was good, I had to switch programs because of Covid and MedClerkships gave me 2 options to pick from. NY200GA
6/6/2022 21:01:49Shivani5/2/0022INTERNAL MEDICINE DallasExcellent preceptor… not only did he sincerely put in time and effort to teach us every day, but he also spent any free time discussing certain research studies and cases with us dailyPreceptor was the perfect example of what we budding doctors strive to be in the future… he was professional, ethical but still compassionate and friendly. Preceptor discussed the common chronic diseases seen at his clinic in terms of history taking, examination, diagnosis, laboratory work up and treatment… as an IMG this helped fill in the gaps and figure out what is done differently in the US.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, very prompt and quick to answer any questions TX300DIM
6/6/2022 21:12:01Harshini5/16/0022Internal Medicine Dallas He is very knowledgeable and he takes the time to get to know the student personally. He teaches us and answers any questions we have. I learnt how to perform a good physical and how to communicate effectively with patients It will help me approach a patient with more confidence in my career YesAgree – 4Yes, they were quick responses and all my concerns were taken care TX300DIM
6/6/2022 21:16:23Feeba5/2/2022Internal Medicine New york Hands on experience – the freedom to think and behave like a resident 1. My preceptor is heavily involved in educating us clinically as future residents.
2. Very knowledgeable about residency applications and everything that entails.
3. Seeing how my preceptor treats his patients sets a standard of how we as future residents should provide care.
Sharpening my critical thinking, every patient and their case is so unique, which requires different approaches for diagnosis and treatment. As an outpatient clinical there is also the addition of preventive medicine too. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Medclerkships is very student friendly, I am always able to get in contact with a member of the team. Quick responses. Very professional. NY100IMV
6/6/2022 21:23:23Islam4/11/2022Internal medicine New York Hands on clinic experience Network and research opportunities Understand the specialty I am applying to YesAgree – 4👍 NY300IMF
6/10/2022 15:36:58Sai 5/9/2022Internal medicine Brooklyn Preceptor was very good at allowing us to ask questions and did his best to make us feel important during the rotationLearning the emr system and properly getting to help a patient from start to endEmr system YesAgree – 4NY100IMV
6/11/2022 22:44:15Insung5/9/2022IMChicago ILDidactic sessionsAllowed to have hands on experience and could participate in clinical dicussionsNot so sure yetYesAgree – 4Yes of courseIL200IM
6/18/2022 11:04:50Chinasa5/23/2022General Surgery MiamiHe was invested in your career development and building your critical thinking skills.How to present cases. How to think critically and be confident It will help with communication with doctors and improving confident in making medical decisions YesStrongly Agree – 5FL300GS
6/20/2022 19:43:47Syed 5/23/2022Internal medicineChicagoHe is so nice and teach us in a beautiful manner always appriciates our question and give us a detail answer he is also excellent with the patient also.I have gain such a good knowledge
Experience with a different diseases as compare to my country
Yeah its definitely help me in preparation for the residency because there is some different technique to tackle the diseases over here finally it me help me alot.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yeah i am so much satisfy with your services IL300IM
6/24/2022 12:48:18Yadira 5/31/2022Psychiatry Atlanta Doing a case report Having the opportunity to analyze in depth a patient’s care through the information on their file and interview.Learning about the different therapy options available to treat different disorders.YesAgree – 4YesGA300PSY
6/24/2022 20:20:23Shivangi5/31/2022PediatricsNew York City (Brooklyn)The preceptor is extremely compassionate. She is caring and remembers every single detail about her patients and their family. The doctor allowed me to work independently, made me arrive at diagnoses and suggest treatment options. Compassion, hard work A paediatrician needs to be compassionate, so as to make children comfortable enough during their encounter. I observed how the Doctor could easily manage the situation and be very loving at the same time. I wish to incorporate these values in my practice in future. YesStrongly Agree – 5YesNY202PE
7/1/2022 6:09:04Hariharan6/6/2022Neurology Jersey CityVariety of patients, great teaching, and he really cares about his students and patients.. Mixture of inpatient and outpatient experience It enhances my profile for residency application, reinforced my interest in Neurology YesStrongly Agree – 5YesNJ300NEU
7/4/2022 11:01:01Faten5/16/2022PediatricsBrooklynI had a great experience, I learned how to focus on detail.I confirmed pediatrics is more than a job for me, it is my passionThe preceptor opened my eyes on my weaknesses and showed me how to work to improve themYesAgree – 4yesNY202PE
7/4/2022 21:02:33William 6/6/2022Internal medicine New Brunswick Hard working doctor Compassionate to patients no matter what you think of them LORYesAgree – 4Yes. Always available and willing to speak NJ103IM
7/6/2022 23:06:51Fatima5/30/2022ObGynRaleigh-DurhamI was very happy with my preceptor in that sense that he was very kind and thoughtful. He was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable (especially since it was my first itme in the Stares) and also promised me an excellent recommendation to help me with my future residency application. The most important thing I learnt from this experience was that I learnt how to communicate better with patients as I saw him talk with the patients and explain each and every part of the treatment in detail. He was also very meticulous with the procedures. it showed his sincerity and discipline in his work and this is something I want to carry forward with me in the future.

I was also able to make a long lasting relationship with my preceptor because of this rotation.
Because of the relationship that I developed with my preceptor, I am hopeful to get a good letter of recommendation for my residncy application. YesAgree – 4NC100GYN
7/12/2022 17:04:05John Paul5/16/2022Internal MedicineChicagoThe preceptor takes us to the hospital twice a week so we were able to to use and see how to use EPICThe preceptor loves to teach and he taught us so many thingsHaving done these rotations I am able to grasp the american health care system in preparation for residencyYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes they were very responsiveIL302IM
7/18/2022 19:48:22Jimena6/18/2022NeurologySugarland, TexasDr.K and staff took us to do round in the different hospitals, where we got to see many patients. They explained us with lots of details what each one of them had.Research opportunities and great teaching All the things I learnt from him will help me be a better doctor.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, very happy. I would have liked to have more follow-up messages during the rotation.TX301NE
7/30/2022 11:50:40Aditya7/4/2022Internal MedicineBrooklyn, NY (teleUSCE)Dr. K is a great listener and teacher. I had a very trivial question on a patient we encountered a couple days before, and tried to remind him and put forth my doubts on the same. I was pleasantly surprised when he actually listened to my questions despite it being about a pt few days before, and the office being in full rush. He remembered almost instantly and gave a very detailed yet warming explanation for it. That melted away most of my restrictions and made me respect him even more!There are many benefits and learnings I received as a aspiring physician and as a person from my experience with Dr. K. Few of those being learning the ABCs of EMR system management in the US healthcare settings, learning how to approach patients in the US on any complaint, how to counsel them and coax their main concerns out of them. Its been an honor and a fantastic experience rotating and learning under Dr. K so far, and big thanks to MedClerkships who guided me in the path for USCE and made this possible!I received many invaluable learnings not only for my residency application, but to be a better doctor in general. The art of patient counseling, interaction, making them feel cared for, yet be professional and deliver healthcare of the highest standard. And not to forget the minute details and formalities of the US healthcare functioning. I got so many points for my residency application apart from the LoR after working with Dr. K. I’m highly grateful to MedClerkships for making this possible and enriching my US residency journey!YesStrongly Agree – 5Very happy! Prompt responses via WhatsApp or mail, within 1-2 business days max, always friendly and ready to help, and guide along every step. Had a pleasant experience throughout!RES300IM
8/1/2022 19:06:39Abinaya7/4/2022general/plastic surgeryatlantaMy preceptor took time off the day to sit and have a discussion with us while teaching us about several topics.A lot of learning and technical aspects like suturing, cutting sutures, etc.It helped me understand what is expected of a surgical resident and improve skills.YesAgree – 4yes, they were quick to respond and there was no delay in the registration or payment process.GA300GS
8/4/2022 14:09:05Yadira 7/11/2022Neurology and Psychiatry Houston Review case reports and learning about the diagnosis and treatment.Interacting with patients has made me more confident about my English skills.It’ll help me to integrate more easily to the working field.YesStrongly Agree – 5YesTX300NEP
8/5/2022 18:15:56Arushi7/5/2022Obstetrics and GynecologyEdisonThe preceptor was very warm and welcoming and conducted didactics on a routine basis. He strengthened my basic concepts and also taught hands on skills. Of note, he introduced me to a simpler and pain-free way of conducting a pap smear with the use of the Cusco’s speculum by explaining the basic anatomy behind it and also taught an easier approach of doing the double handed surgical knot.Practically oriented clinical skills. holistic approach to managing a patient. I have developed a deeper understanding of the speciality and the didactics have helped me in my preparation of the USMLE Step 2CK examination. YesStrongly Agree – 5NJ300OB
8/5/2022 20:37:55Deepanjali5/7/2022Internal medicineAtlantaDr. I and Dr. T were very friendly and helped me to access complete EMR to understand the patients better.More confidenceHelped me become more confident and understand US healthcare betterYesAgree – 4GA200IMC
8/6/2022 23:59:28Oleksandra7/4/2022General and Plastic SurgeryAtlantaMy preceptor is a great teacher. He took care to take some time out of his busy schedule to collaboratively discuss various general surgery and plastic surgery topics and to teach us. This was very much appreciated as it made him more approachable as well and I felt much more comfortable asking him questions and for advice regarding my application. He also allowed medical students to assist him in surgeries, which was a great opportunity to be a first assist and to learn first hand. The preceptor was also very open and willing to share some impactful stories about his years as a physician, which were very welcome.What I value most from my experience is that I obtained a role model. My preceptor’s career is very interesting and hearing him discuss it has inspired some ideas for how I would like to see my own career.During my placement, I was able to ask for some personal advice regarding my application, and I believe that the advice I received has helped me to shift my focus and improve my application. As mentioned before, he has also inspired some new career goals.YesAgree – 4Yes I was very happy with the Medclerkships team as they were very quick and efficient at answering all of my questions, they recommended some great placement options for me, were accommodating. The process of applying for the placement was also made easy with their help.GA100GSPS
8/7/2022 18:54:40INSUNG6/6/2022Internal Medicine – CardiologyOrland, FLDr. S was super eager to take care of his students. He spent much time teaching us.He also let us join the morning report, in regional hospital.I could experience how a resident’s day goes.YesStrongly Agree – 5YesFL301IMCIC
8/10/2022 15:04:52Darah7/18/2022Obstetrics & GynecologyChicagoVery responsive to student questions and concerns. He made himself available by telephone at all hours.The preceptor always explained in methodical detail, every step in a procedure he was performing. For example, in performing a D&C procedure, he demonstrated that curettaging the cervical os with a smaller sized curette was also important, in addition to curettaging the uterus, and by demonstrating everything he did, it helps to remember procedures easier and not forego essential steps. As a clinician, when I must demonstrate procedures as a preceptor to my students, his methodology will be that which I use, as a very methodical, step-by-step approach will ensure that students will learn the fundamentals of every procedure.YesStrongly Agree – 5Very happy with Medclerkships’ customer service. Very quick response time and all issues were always quickly addressed.IL300OBG
8/11/2022 12:55:30sandy6/13/2022Interventional Radiologyhialeah FloridaOne of the best experiences in my medical career, the doctor was wonderful in explaining the procedures, allowing us to ask questions and explore different forms to learn.Since I was expose to a high volume of cases I have an overview understanding of the diseases handled by the interventional radiologist, also I was exposed to the research clinical setting which expose me to a new field.Since I was interested in finding ways to be more involve in my desire specialty, I took advantage of the knowledge acquire in the hospital and applied it to the research job I acquire after my experience there.YesStrongly Agree – 5yes I was, It was simple and all through email FL300RAD
8/14/2022 8:53:49Ankit8/1/2022Family MedicineOrlandoAllowed to interview patients at clinic Willingness to teach, enthusiasm Learned how to interview as a primary care doctor in the USYesStrongly Agree – 5FL100OFM
8/16/2022 11:21:32Maureen5/16/2022Family Medicine & Internal MedicineSouth River, Somerset and Turnersville NJI had a very productive and informative time with Dr. G, Dr. K, and Dr. A. All these wonderful doctors provided me with the opportunities to learn more of the various common clinical cases and how to manage them with hands-on experience. Well worth it!Hands on history taking and clinical evaluation of patients were most helpful.The experience facilitated me to gain more clinical knowledge and boosted my interest in Family/Internal Medicine. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, the whole team have been helpful as they respond to your questions in a timely manner.NJ100FMNJ103IM
8/19/2022 20:13:32Aakash6/27/2022Adult CardiologyOrlandoDr. S is a wonderful doctor. This experience was a hospital-based rotation with a couple of days of out-patient clinics. He showed me various aspects of Electrophysiology and its associated procedures. This rotation is more of an observership and the only hands on experience is at the clinic. His associates, assistants and medical reps are very helpful and teach you along the way as Dr. S performs surgery. This observership would benefit students already associated with Cardiology as it is very advanced from a medical student point of view.He truly piqued my interest in the field. Gave me many books to read and kept motivating me.This experience has piqued my interest in the field and am genuinely thinking of this as a career optionYesStrongly Agree – 5YesFL300IMCIC
8/19/2022 20:18:27Aakash7/25/2022Pediatric CardiologyOrlandoDr. S gave me one of the most academically fulfilling experiences. She truly loves to teach students and loves to discuss topics daily. She is extremely dedicated to her profession and explains the smallest details to her students. She lets you work independently and examine patients. She also keeps giving feedback and suggestions on how to improve.Raised my knowledge about various procedures such as echocardiograms and EKGs and has given me the confidence to independently evaluate studies.Piqued my interest in Pediatric cardiology and shared her experiences as well. YesStrongly Agree – 5YesFL301PED
8/22/2022 4:23:12Seh Hyun8/8/2022Family MedicineSouth River, New JerseyIt was fulfilling to participate in the hands-on externship in a good atmosphere.The preceptor was very kind and thoughtful about the students. She helped the students to participate as much as possible.I earned confidence in practicing in the US through 1-on-1 examinations of the patients.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. The service was very thorough and convenient.NJ100FM
8/23/2022 19:56:02Amri 8/1/2022NeurologyJersey CityHe is very student friendly and genuinely wants to help and teach students. Very understanding1) LoR 2) Great professional ethicsI am extremely happy to have met my preceptor, as he is of immense wealth to students like me, who are trying to get a residency in the US, as he understands the cultural differences and understands us better, and helps us bridge the gap we have in communication skills and knowledge. NoStrongly Agree – 5Customer service is satisfactory; they responded well. NJ300NEU
8/26/2022 11:07:06Brendalyn8/1/2022Pathology(teleUSCE)Dr. T’s personal storiesFeedback on presentationAllowed me to study breast pathology in detail and prepare multiple presentations. Since it was one on one, I had no anxiety about presenting to anyone else and Dr. T always gave feedback after each presentation.YesAgree – 4YesRES302PTH
8/27/2022 5:37:22Sobaina7/4/2022Gastroenterology Queens, Newyork Doctor S is one of the best supervisors I have worked with. Her dedication to her profession and to teaching her students was incredible. She made sure to teach her students the most she could in the limited period of time. There was this one time when I felt really overwhelmed by how smart the other students working with me were since they had already taken their steps, she took a notice and made sure that I knew I was doing good. I am grateful to have worked with such an amazing preceptor. Other than learning about various Gastroenterology procedures, and medical ethics, one of the major things I learnt was time management and study techniques. Doctor S’s form of teaching was simply amazing and I got to learn how to make the best use of my time.
Secondly, with her way of making us do presentations on a different Gastroenterology topic everyday, I got learn about almost all the major pathologies of Gastroenterology in a very short time.
These benfits have definitely helped me level up my medical school grades since I am still a med student. Her teaching methodology is something that is gonna stay with me until I match into a residency programme. YesStrongly Agree – 5Medclerkships Team was very helpful through out the entire process. They not onlu helped me with chosing the best programme but also provided me with visa and interview guidance. They were available for any questions or queries that I had. NY200GA
8/28/2022 8:31:36Aditya8/1/2022Internal MedicineBrooklyn, NYMy preceptor had a semi-formal one-on-one interview cum talk with me when my rotation started, just to ease my transitioning into working under him, explaining me the tips and tricks of patient care in US is, how do we make it better and more inclusive for the people. That was fully translated into my interactions with the patients and was a big boost to my experience and skillset to be a good physician! Thank you to my preceptor and thank you to MedClerkships for making it happen!Learning to handle different EMR systems and tackle various concerns and complaints of pts as their first point of contact with the healthcare system.This rotation has given me a wider insight into how healthcare system in the US functions, how to cater to each and every patient with personalized approach and empathy, which I believe are vital to be a good physician in todays practice.YesStrongly Agree – 5Im very happy! Very receptive, always quick in responses and friendly attitude. Eased most of my anxiety about teleUSCE and made it a great experience overall for me.RES304IM
8/29/2022 18:33:34Ashraf8/1/2022Internal MedicineAtlantaDetailed case discussion at bedside; presentation on an internal medicine by interns on rotational basis; Punctuality and friendliness of attending doctors; cordial atmosphere at the workplace and among team members Wonderful Experience!Exposed to inpatient and outpatient clinical work at a reputed medical center in USAIt strengthened my resolve to make a career in the Internal Medicine so as to serve the health needs of the community. I worked on day to day basis seeing patients and presenting cases to the attending doctor.YesStrongly Agree – 5It was wonderful! Dan is the most helpful person I have met.GA200IMC
9/8/2022 17:43:18Gowri 8/15/2022PediatricsNew YorkThe preceptor always welcomed questions and interactions about cases and lab reports and this was very satisfying and pleasant.Tackling difficult scenarios with a positive attitude, teaching & educating fellow students/members and displaying confidenceThese experiences coupled with those from my previous work and volunteer experiences will certainly set me on the right track to my career goal.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes Medclerkships always provides wonderful and prompt customer service. I will recommend them to any who approach me.NY202PE
9/8/2022 17:58:37Ahmed 7/18/2022Obgyn Dearborn/DetroitDr F is an amazing highly qualified and helpful personI became more exposed to the us medical life and guidelines and the experience was so helpful i highly recommend They helped me by strong lors and good connections YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes their replies and feedback was amazing and beyond the expectations MI200OB
9/9/2022 13:11:53Samhita7/5/2022Internal medicine Brooklyn, NYHe’s an amazing person, very knowledgeable great teacher, very accommodating, guiding and trying to make us learn different aspects of medicine. He is always greeting you with a smile, giving us high fives, and extremely humble. Learnt many new things in internal medicine and thorough with the EMR systems. It has helped me tremendously, as one of the important things in residency application is the USCE. I had a great understanding of EMR systems of the US. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan Martinez was always available whenever I had any kind of doubts. He guided me throughout this journey, though I might have been a little difficult, he always guided and helped me throughout. NY100IMV
9/13/2022 12:52:41Jianning8/29/2022pathology(teleUSCE)preceptor is encouraging and supportiveLor, understanding part of the work pathologists dounderstanding some aspect of a pathologist’s work, getting some detail to talk about in an interviewYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. feedback is promptRES302PTH
9/13/2022 16:35:10Dawood8/22/2022IM pulmonology and sleepRaleigh NCPatient interaction Learned how to use sleep devices like HSAT, sleep profiler etcYesAgree – 4Yes. Mr Dan was always helpful and replied promptly.NC100IMIP
9/15/2022 7:03:26Aditya 5/9/2022Internal MedicineNew York (teleUSCE)I thoroughly enjoyed my rotations with Dr. K and Dr. R. You get to take control of the EMR and talk to patients and take their history. Overall it was a good experience and I secured performance based LOR. Learnt about the EMR
Secured LOR based on my performance
I think it is self-explanatory that the solid LORs are crucial to your residency application. You also get to experience the US medical system and learn a lot about patient handling which overall makes you a better physician.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan from MedClerkship guided me through the entire process. He made it so easy. So thankful for his assistance.RES305IM
9/16/2022 11:05:22Reuben8/17/2022Family MedicineLas Vegas (teleUSCE)She was very kind and always open to questions. Patient care Insight into Family MedicineYesAgree – 4SatisfactoryRES302FM
9/16/2022 23:15:49Aditya8/15/2022Internal medicineBrooklynTaught during a clinical case presentationFreedom to make mistakes without being judged for it.

allowing to participate in making patient treatment plans.
Helped me learn betterYesStrongly Agree – 5yesNY100IMV
9/23/2022 13:13:37Ankit8/16/2022Internal medicine/cardiologyOrlandoHis attentiveness Valuable medical education and insight into clinical work in the USGood LOR and how to apply to programsYesAgree – 4FL300IMCIC
9/23/2022 14:53:51amit9/24/2022internal medicine and cardiology AtlantaGood number of patients and preceptors were friendly It was good US experience it will be useful for LORYesAgree – 4great GA200IMC
9/23/2022 15:38:46Aditya8/29/2022Internal MedicineNYC (teleUSCE)I was the only virtual student working with Dr.F for the first week of my rotation. Me and Dr. F would have lengthy 1-on-1 discussions on interesting cases everyday, and developed a great rapport. I got to work with him and learn how he compassionately interacted with patients and delivered healthcare of the highest order. That left me inspired and happy of my opportunity to work with Dr. F. The benefits that most helped me were learning to manage patients of different ages and cultures, and learning to handle and work the Electronic Medical Record system and teach them to other tele students.Being the first point of contact of the general population with healthcare system, how to manage variegated pts with empathy, and how to access and work the EMR, to name a few, are the skills needed to be a good practising general physician, and those are few skills I was honored enough to have learned and refined under the tutelage of Dr. F. YesStrongly Agree – 5Very happy! Always receptive, helpful and accomodating. MedClerkships are simply the best!RES303IM
9/23/2022 15:40:22Savitri 8/29/2022Internal medicine Riverdale,Maryland She is a great teacher and doctorClinical knowledge I got inspired to be an internistYesStrongly Agree – 5WA301IM
9/30/2022 11:21:22Ilias9/5/2022Internal MedicineMiamiHe is an amazing person, very kind, as well as his team. I’ve loved the last 4 weeks.I fully examined patients and his support.Probably the LORYesStrongly Agree – 5FL100MIM
9/30/2022 16:39:53Sri8/8/2022Internal medicine New York City Very nice preceptor, taught us great information and we participated in numerous presentations Clinical experience and patient InteractionTaught me skills required for residencyYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes very quick and took time to answer my questions NY100IMM
9/30/2022 16:43:08Sri 9/6/2022Rheumatology Houston Preceptor spent time explaining cases and taught us about the new developments regarding the diseases Clinical experience and knowledge Gave me skills required for residency YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes very responsive TX301IMR
10/4/2022 12:41:04Ahmed 8/13/2022OB/GYNMichigan Iam totally satisfied with both perceptors, I rotated with Dr. H for OBGYN. The preceptors were very cooperative regarding the knowledge they taught me or even their valuable LORsPreceptor scrubbed me in BO and GC hospitals in hysteroscopy and cystorectoceleIam Obgyn resident IMG and every single moment i was committed to do on hand manual work that helped me alot in my progression YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, absolutely. It was incredibly helpful experience MI200OB
10/4/2022 14:21:23Darah9/12/2022Obstetrics & GynecologyDetroitI appreciate the down-to-earth and friendly attitude which Dr. CH has. When I was asking him for advice about my ERAS Ob/Gyn Residency program applications, he’s maintained an approachable demeanor, which allowed me to get the information I needed in a very positive way. He is a very knowledgeable individual with regards to the ERAS system, and I appreciated his insight and information he provided me.In keeping with the way Dr. H conveys information to patients, I have learned how to be more succint with patients, so that they receive the most pertinent information regarding their condition without extraneous details. I also learned how to perform procedures more quickly in-keeping with his methodologies. These benefits have helped to make me a more efficient practitioner when I enter an Ob/Gyn residency. By following Dr. H’s outpatient examples, patients will receive from me much more focused diagnostic and prognostic information. He also helped to facilitate my ability to perform in-office procedures more quickly, as I was able to follow his methodologies, and as such, this will allow me to be able to see more patients by getting more done.YesStrongly Agree – 5Absolutely. I appreciate that all my questions and concerns were very quickly addressed and followed-up prior to the start of my Clerkship rotation, and that I was able to have a very smooth experience with my Preceptor.MI200OB
10/11/2022 13:00:40Robert9/19/2022Family MedicineOrlandoStarting on day one I was able to see patients on my own and then participate in the management plans for each patient.I have greatly improved my diagnostic skills since beginning this rotation.I am planning to be a family medicine physician. Being able to diagnose and subsequently treat conditions from all fields of medicine is essential.YesStrongly Agree – 5FL100OFM
10/14/2022 11:35:22Mayuri 8/8/2022Pediatrics Houston, New YorkI was happy to be exposed with US clinical experience. I was able to learn how use the EMR and interact with patients. Learn about the diseases the prevalent in USA. EMR
US Clinical experience
United States clinical experienceYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, HappyTX200PE
10/18/2022 22:12:43Joana 9/26/2022PediatricsNew YorkWith Dr H, I was able to experience culturally diverse pediatrics appointments as her patients belonged to different nationalities and backgrounds. Work ethics and commitment. During med school in Brazil, we are always dealing with our preceptors as a strictly teacher-student relationship. In my experience with Medclerkship, I was able to experience a work environment, which I believe will benefit me when applying to residency. YesAgree – 4Very much so. Dan Martinez was helpful and thoughtful throughout the whole process, including the time I was unsure of what to do and the period of time I was already in the program. NY202PE
10/28/2022 11:31:33Mohamed 9/19/2022Internal medicine New york, Brooklyn (teleUSCE)I was able to practice my medical skills and get a lot of knowledge Knowledge and more experience in the field of medicine The show the outstanding level of the US health care system. Also these very beneficial experiences helps me to become a better physician and enhance my application. RES304IM
11/1/2022 17:54:52Ana 3/14/1998PediatricBrooklyn, New YorkThere was a patient that does not want talk with the doctor and was so shy, the doctor saw her lila dress and told her that the lila color was a her favorite color, then the patient talk with the doctor after that i learned that the consultation with the children could be done more easy and fun if we find the best way that moment was pleasant to me. I loved that after every consult we gave lolipops to the children.My preceptor taught me how to be more efficiency at work, there were times that we had so many patients and there we have to do the things a little fastest but carefully and being organizes. The other i learned was to care about the things that make our patient happy, ask about it and listen the patient, we have to let our patient feel in a trust zone.This experience helped me to see how the United States Health System works and by seeing this i could improve my skills and how to managing my medical office in the future.YesAgree – 4Yes, they always aswer me all the question that i had.NY202PE
11/4/2022 11:16:32Shivani 10/3/2022IM- GIQueens, NYOne on one case presentation with each patient with informative constructive criticism Refined case presentation, confidence in GI topic ppt. presentationsYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan was an excellent communicator NY200GA
11/11/2022 10:42:52Daniel10/17/2022Internal MedicineNew York (teleUSCE)He was understanding and accommodated all my needs.I got good experience working on electronic record system and was able to discuss with my preceptor, we discussed cases and gained a lot.This will help on residency.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, got help from them in ways i asked.RES304IM
11/14/2022 9:23:04Pragnya4/4/2022PediatricsDecaturDr. F was kind enough to show me all the physical findings during the examinations of the patients. With her help I now have full clarity on many normal vs abnormal findings in the head to toe examination. Dr. F and her nurses were so wonderful and kindhearted, and they created a very comfortable environment for every student to feel close enough to clear all doubts and have equal opportunities in the work place. I learned abundantly on how to interact with patients, especially children with care and compassion. I also learned a lot on how to deduce some of the more complicated diagnoses, while also getting the chance to strengthen all my basics in Pediatrics.Since Dr. F made sure that I took all the patients history and went through the questionnaires on my own, I got to practice my patient interacting skills a lot. Also being more hand-on helped me overcome my fear of interacting with very young kids. Also I have a better idea of what the more efficient questions to ask are.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, for the most part everything went well. The only minor issue I had was on the first day – I went to the clinic as per my provided dates. On arriving, I was informed there that the preceptor did not see patients at that clinic on that day of the week. This was difficult for me since I had to travel 2.5 hours to get there, only to be turned back immediately. Other than that, everything else went smoothly; the preceptor was aware of my joining, it was all taken care of, and I had a great experience! Medclerkships even made sure I got my full 4 weeks of rotation and extended my dates, when I had to take a week off in between due to getting Covid. GA300PD
11/22/2022 11:38:59Rohith11/14/2022Internal Medicine/NephrologyNew YorkDr. P is a very kind and always cheerful with his patients. He is also a very competent physician.Cheers up the room and the patient every time he comes in. He instantly connects with the patients.They taught me how to communicate with the patient better.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes.NY202IMNP
11/25/2022 17:02:57Rushabh10/31/2022Internal Medicine – Pulmonary and Critical Care Atlanta GATeaching sessions in both the clinic and hospital1. Learnt a great way to read and interpret Chest Xrays
2. Learnt a lot about icu care which isn’t typically taught in medical school
I am more confident regarding my skills in pulmonary exams and reading chest xraysYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. Dan was always very responsive and answered all queries patiently.GA200IMP
11/28/2022 19:05:05Aishwarya10/31/2022Psychiatry/NeurologyNew York CityGood feedback about performance, and encouraging if you do a good job.Learning to communicate with patients about their problemsHelped to point towards specialising in neurologyYesStrongly Agree – 5Great communication with team, helpful and easy to work with when I needed to change the dates of my rotation.NY300NEP
11/29/2022 16:23:51Rahul 11/7/2022Pediatrics Brooklyn The preceptor allows you to be independent and deal patients as you wish to The way physician work schedule is that it would inspire you to work hard Working hard and being independent,, taking decisions on your own helps YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes NY202PE
12/29/2022 10:07:44Rohith12/12/2022Internal medicine – NephrologyNew YorkDr. P is a very nice person.
I am very happy with the experience.
Patient physician relationshipIt helped me understand and adapt better to the US healthcare delivery.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. Thank you.NY202IMNP
12/30/2022 11:06:24Kumaresh 12/5/2022Pulmonology/ICUHouston Outpatient clinic was very informative. Dr. L was welcoming and taught a lot. Inpatient rounds with Dr. L and Dr. B consisted of a wide variety of patients with the opportunity to see procedures as well.Exposure to the specialty
Ability to learn from two preceptors
Learned from very experienced preceptors who were able to show me a range of cases in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology. Helped me reaffirm my decision to choose Internal Medicine for residency.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. Prompt response from the team especially Dan. Helped and guided me through the registration process for observers TX300IMCP
12/30/2022 18:21:59Aishwarya12/5/2022NeurologyJersey CityThe preceptor is very open and generous with advice, feedback, and discussions of future goals Great hands-on experience of a neurology outpatient settings; Helpful feedback about current skills and advice about ways to improve themHelped in honing my practical skills, as well as helped me to understand the different aspects of a neurology practice YesStrongly Agree – 5Very prompt and helpful service with the teamNJ300NEU
1/13/2023 12:34:29Sushmitha 12/5/2022Internal medicine Dallas, TXHe was very helpful, gave good hands on experience, cleared all doubts patiently, .Communication, behavior Clinical knowledge YesStrongly Agree – 5YesTX300DIM
1/17/2023 12:08:50Rohith12/12/2022Internal Medicine / NephrologyNew YorkDr.Z is a very sweet person. Dr.Z taught me so many things about Nephrology. She is also very encouraging and always trying to help me. I am very grateful for her for that.> Learnt a lot about Nephrology. I think understanding about Nephrology helped me make a better choice for my fellow-ship choice and future career goal.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes.NY201IMNP
1/27/2023 12:09:14Kumaresh1/3/2023Cardiology/Internal MedicineNew YorkLarge number of patients. Opportunity to write notes, see EKGs and other proceduresOutpatient experience. Wide variety of patients.Ability to write Outpatient notes. Management of wide number of cases.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. Prompt response and follow up with my enquiries.NY101IMC
1/27/2023 13:53:40Maryam 1/3/2023Anesthesiology, Pain Management New York He was very patient, engaging, a good teacherI learnt the importance of medications in the field of anesthesiology as well as the different methods available to treat various etiologies of pain.I have gained more experience and learnt how to better interact with patients, how to perform different procedures and opened my eyes to a specialty I didn’t know was in existence YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes it was always in a timely manner, and precise to my concerns NY100APM
2/2/2023 19:54:17Mabel1/9/2023Pulmonology and Sleep medicineCary NCHe patiently taught me the EMR system and taught me how to take history efficientlyResidency tips and Interview tips Helping with my CV and personal statementYesStrongly Agree – 5yes they were very prompt and kept me updated.NC100IMIP
2/4/2023 18:34:33Apeksha1/2/2023PediatricsNew YorkIt almost felt like Pediatrics urgent care. It was very fast paced and that helped me learn to manage and assist any pediatric case. I was allowed to assist with blood work and lab review. I had a great experience.Getting an idea of how critical care could work like at an outpatient setting, I learned to think and act fastThis is greatly going to benefit me in learning and managing cases during my residency as it gave me a headstartYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, I got prompt responses and I appreciate how quickly the team was available for any of my queriesNY202PE
2/6/2023 17:50:45Sidra Tahreem Hashmi 1/16/2023Internal medicine + family medicine Houston Helped me obtain US clinical experience Use of EMR system, didactic sessions Helped me obtain US clinical experience YesAgree – 4Yes, received prompt response TX200IMF
2/10/2023 11:36:30Prithvi1/2/2023Internal Medicine, Pulmonology HoustonI was happy to work under him in his clinic for the 4 week duration as it allowed me to showcase my knowledge, work ethic , honesty and sincerity so that I can carry forward these attributes in the future and engrain it into my DNA.
During the Clinic hours , I was given the task of looking into every aspect regarding any patient I was assigned to which made me more responsible and aware regarding every patient.
Paying Attention to the Details was a very good lesson which I learnt during my tenure
1. Put me through the grind to help me improve. Helped to lose any slack during work hours and kept me on my toes.
2.Value my time and inculcated the desire to be the best at my work.
3.Made me aware of how productive one can be within a stipulated amount of time.
The experience of working in a clinic setting helped me understand patient care in the United States.
The Research Data provided also aided in improving my Research experience and provided me opportunities to Develop my skills.
YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes the customer service was good . I was able to put forward my questions to the team.TX200IMCP
2/14/2023 20:15:35Vidya1/2/2023psychiatryAtlantavery supportive learning environmentunderstood different approaches of treatmentrekindled my interest in psychiatryYesStrongly Agree – 5yes, helpful throughout the journey, good communicationGA300PSY
2/21/2023 14:11:37VINEETH1/23/2023Internal Medicine Detroit The clinic being addiction centre, gave me a whole new exposure to OUd patients and their treatment. While my interactions with the OUD patients equipped me to look out for red flags, it also made me more empathetic as a provider.I’m now more confident in taking history from patients as I got to interact with a lot of patients on a daily basis. I’ve presented cases to the providers which made me more competent in diagnosing and formulating a treatment plan. Considering the patient interaction is very different from what it is at my home country, it has helped me a lot to improve my communication skills. It provided me the much needed US clinical experience and how things work here. YesAgree – 4Yes. MI200IM
3/3/2023 12:43:03Sagarika2/6/2023NeurologyNew jerseyMy preceptor gave me a lot of freedom in terms of interacting with patients while taking history and Physical examination. A lot of hands on experience Good history taking skills, understanding different modalities of treatment, hands on experience in terms of physical examination and injection administration Helped in understanding and approaching neurology in a systematic patternYesStrongly Agree – 5Very much happyNJ300NEU
3/3/2023 17:11:56Samira2/6/2023Internal Medicine, ICU, PulmonologyAtlanta I loved how the preceptor taught and how she made me engaged. I have definitely learned a lot and hope to make a long-lasting connection with her. I wish I had more than 4weeks Her advice to keep studying on regular basis and coving a topic a day which in the end adds up and makes your knowledge more in-depth Even though I have not yet decided my future specialty, I definitely will consider icu and pulmonology. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan has been a great help with providing details and helping out when needed. The rotation was exactly as it was described and that was helpful as there was no surprises. GA200IMP
3/3/2023 21:50:34Amrutha2/6/2023PulmonologyHoustonCase presentationVariety of casesCommunication skills YesAgree – 4Yes, they were accessible and very quickTX300IMCP
3/10/2023 12:09:18Aishwarya2/6/2023NeurologyChicagoPreceptor took the time to teach regularly Bettered my theoretical and practical knowledge More prepared for my USMLE Step examYesStrongly Agree – 5Extremely prompt, helpful and efficientIL300NEU
3/28/2023 13:10:46Mounika 3/6/2023Pediatrics Brooklyn Hands on experience with patient and teaching TeachingGain good clinical experience and apply for match cycle YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes NY202PE
3/31/2023 13:13:23Sushma3/6/2023Internal medicineRiverland, MarylandI got to look at the patients directly under the doctor’s supervision, do assessment and propose a plan in their treatment. The doctor also shared her MKSAP materials for reading.I got to see few cases that I could not see in my home country. It is a busy clinic so I got to see many different cases every day.I got to know the approach and treatment of many diseases. The doctor also shared her experience in dealing with the cases she saw in her entire career. These all would really help me shape up my career.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. I liked the customer service provided by medclerkships. They are very responsive for every issue. WA301IM
3/31/2023 13:38:10Jennifer2/20/2023Interventional cardiologyGoodyearI was able to scrub in and assist in peripheral angiograms and angioplastiesI was able to build a good connection with him and I learned a lot from him.I was able to interview patients and learn how the US healthcare system works which I think is what I needed the most, especially having gone to medical school in another country.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, I got rapid responses whenever I sent an email with an inquiryAZ300IMC
4/5/2023 6:46:50Amenta 3/22/2023NephrologyNew York I had very good experience with my preceptor. She was very friendly and accommodating. She helped a lot to get an experience of the US health system. She was very caring and supportive in all aspects. I had a pleasant experience. More clinical exposure into US health system

Interaction with patients from a variety of backgrounds
This gave me a good idea on how the US health system operates. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, very friendly and approachable NY201IMNP
4/6/2023 5:08:34Tapasvi5/4/2022Internal medicineChicagoHe is very friendly and have a great knowledge and skills in Rheumatology.Doctor- patient relationship Hospital rounds helps me a lot in diagnosis of diseases and line of treatment YesAgree – 4Yes, it is very easy to communicate IL300IM
4/12/2023 16:13:58Mounika 3/6/2023PediatricsBrooklyn Hands on experience Teaching Gain a good letter of recommendation YesStrongly Agree – 5YesNY202PE
4/15/2023 9:26:19Merle3/6/2023Pediatrics MiamiHe explains a lot and is always asking you questions so that you start thinking about the case.Benefits were the combination between children as patients that their parents as legal guardian. I could improve my english skills, which is a very important tool.YesStrongly Agree – 5YesFL302PED
4/20/2023 13:43:10Srichand 3/27/2023Neurology Chicago He will make us sure that we are learning Letter of recommendation Not yetYesAgree – 4Yes, very muchIL300NEU
4/21/2023 15:49:55Diana3/20/2023Internal MedicinePhoenixMy preceptor discussed other interesting cases from his inpatient work. We spoke about a patient that I suggested could be Guillane Barre which turned out to be correct. I learned about the pathologies specific to the population. I learned how to communicate effectively to my patients in English. I will be better prepared to treat and communicate with patients.YesAgree – 4Yes. I inconveniently signed up for a date that was way sooner than should be (1 week in advance) and the team was able to accommodate my pressured decision which I am extremely grateful for. AZ200IM
4/24/2023 20:45:48Ankita3/6/2023PediatricsDallasMy perceptor invited me over to her house and even took me out for dinner. She made sure I was comfortable at all stages in the clinic as well as outside. My perceptor was a beautiful person inside out. I got to learn alot of communication skills and management skills. I aspire to become a pediatrician like her in the future. Overall a great experience for me. It is a great add on to my cv for my residency application and a tremendous increase in my knowledge in the pediatric field. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. Thankyou med clerkships for being such a welcoming team for me. Thanks once again.TX200DPE
5/1/2023 0:13:03Jayksh3/27/2023NeurologyBrooklyn, Queens, manhattan, staten Island, BronxThe specific thing I liked about him that he teaches alot and focuses on how to retain the information in a simple and easy way. Also he asked me to perform physical examination on my own and gave some research projects to do. Research projects and Neurology conceptual knowledge.Research projects I am currently working on with him would help me in my residency applicationYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes They responded me timelyNY101NEU
5/2/2023 18:01:25Sushma4/3/2023Internal medicine/ GastroenterologyNewyorkDirect access to the electronic medical recordsAccess to electronic medical recordsLearnt how residency works as doctor simulated how the residency is in her rotation YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. There is very immediate reply. It really helped.NY200GA
5/15/2023 16:01:38Mounika Katyayani4/10/2023Pediatrics KissimmeeHands on experience Hands on experience Immense knowledge gain from preceptor YesStrongly Agree – 5YesFL301PED
5/18/2023 10:25:20Leena2/13/2023EP Cardiology OrlandoHe was really talented, I learnt a lot– Knowledge
– Communication skills
It has increased my confidence YesAgree – 4YesFL300IMCIC
5/19/2023 14:06:11Chengala Ananyaa4/10/2023Internal MedicineTakoma ParkHistory and physical examBlood draws and scheduling patientsHelps me on my applicationYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes WA300IM
5/22/2023 9:30:34Mihir3/20/2023NeurologyJersey city/BayonneI was happy with the way he explained every minute question with such patience. The way he helped me cope with the US clinical setting and made me feel at ease.The idea about the way the neurology field has developed. And the way patient treatment should be for a med-student.It helped me understand how academically strong US medical system is and that it will help me become better clinician in future.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. I was happy with the patience the person took to describe to me how the process was. Also with his help i could process my documents fast and reach there in time.NJ300NEU
5/22/2023 9:38:21Mihir 4/17/2023GastroenterologistQueensOne of the best experience would when she described about the time how great her time was during residency and during fellowship. The passion and joy she experienced is something every med-student craves for.The experience helped me become well versed with the EMR.
It helped me develop confidence in preparing and giving presentations.
These experience has changed me in a way that i have become more punctual, active and patient oriented. I have developed ability to perform tasks under pressure. Somethings i definitely know will help me in residency application.YesStrongly Agree – 5Person was great. They helped me switch rotations when i had a visa issue.NY200GA
5/25/2023 7:25:40Sara 5/1/2023Obs & gynaeNew York Dr G let me take Pap smear of a patient , and let me do the whole physical examination of a patient . Being an overseas student I get to know how things work in US which was the prime purpose of my visit , It improved my communication skills with patients . It helped me to get to know the new interventions and techniques that are currently under practice . Doing clinical experience in obs&gynae would definitely help me to improve my clinical and communication skills with patients. YesStrongly Agree – 5I can not be more happy with med clerkship service . They are prompt and helpful and available all the time throughout my Experience. They have made my experience so smooth . They always there to help us . NY200OB
5/26/2023 1:21:53Nandhni5/1/2023NeurologyNew york Doctors kind words and the appreciation pushed me to do better and sir always ensures we are comfortable and learning and well fed ! I’m grateful for the experience and care I received this month. Thankyou. Practical world , medications ,documentation , drug presentations Exposure and experience on neurology health care in the usa and researchYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes they were spontaneous and very helpful. Thankyou for the supportNY300NEP
5/26/2023 12:51:39Shrestha5/1/2023General surgery MiamiI learnt a lot under his guidance. He pushed me to become the best version of myself which I am extremely happy about. I got to scrub-in into surgeries and he taught me to see patients on my ownI have gained a lot of experience regarding US clinical system and how to see and communicate with the patients including hands -on experience inside OR. This has helped me to get prepared for my residency application.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, they are extremely helpful and always ready to help whenever I reached out to them.FL300GS
5/26/2023 13:23:15Manoj 4/10/2023IM/PULMONOLOGY, critical careAtlanta Overall amazing teaching, and is very accommodating with examining patients, and motivates students to learn Inpatient experienceInpatient experience offers a diverse range of patient cases to learn from and how to handle them as well YesStrongly Agree – 5GA200IMP
5/26/2023 21:50:27Spoorthy 5/1/2023Cardiology Houston This was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had, he makes sure you learn something at the end of each day which is absolutely fantastic This is completely hands on and you get to use the emr I still haven’t applied for residency yetYesStrongly Agree – 5YesTX300IMCIC
5/31/2023 10:05:42Maria 5/1/2023PathologyNew York (teleUSCE)I observed the laboratory processes and could interact with laboratory personnel and I was able to understand important laboratory techniques like accession, grossing, embedding, and stain. To me, It was specially important to get to know the routine and day-to-day life of a private practitioner pathologist.Dr. C has not only a vast knowledge in her area but also in the residency process, and she gave us valuable information about what to expect about pathology residency and, more importantly, what they expect about the candidates. YesStrongly Agree – 5The aspect that most impressed me was that the messages was answered almost immediately and always providing clear and relevant information I needed. RES300PTH
6/2/2023 16:50:15Michael 5/1/2023Neurology New JerseyHe was very personal with me A better understanding of the US clinical system It’ll make me to have a better awareness of my environment YesStrongly Agree – 5Till this point, yesNJ300NEU
6/5/2023 17:51:42Pramoda 4/24/2023gastroenterologyqueens, newyorkDr. S has been an elegant women with valuable principles and discipline. who taught me that, in the profession we chose patient comes as a priority before anything else, handling the patients with calm behaviour.confidence and patience, it is very essential as a doctor to have to confidently present myself and listen to the patient carefully and empathise with the patient.Doing the power point presentation daily helped me to gain good communication and decreased my fear of facing the interviews. far off from my family i’ve come to live independently and managed to survive. teaching my colleagues who joined the rotation after me improved my leadership qualities, and got to know the importance of socialising with the staff and how important it is to work as a team YesStrongly Agree – 5indeed very delighted and it was a great opportunity, NY200GA
6/6/2023 18:59:15samay5/1/2023cardiologyhoustonOne of the experiences with the preceptor that I found very useful was during our inpatient hospital rounds where the preceptor went to see the patient post surgery after atherectomy procedure. He then made us involved and allowed us to examine the patient and quizzed us on the causes of PAD, symptoms, guidelines and treatment modalities. He explained the various surgical treatment options and benefits of each and why he chose one over the other.I have learnt how clinicians in the US incorporate new research evidence into practice. The preceptor was regularly in touch with upcoming research and used this to alter his practice – for example he would offer patients new cholesterol medications based on new evidence and give the patients realistic expectations.Has helped me gain better insight into US healthcare system and how the doctors practice. And helped me network with other students and doctors which will be useful in future applications.YesStrongly Agree – 5great customer service. quick replies. detailed responses. reassuring.TX300IMCIC
6/8/2023 8:23:03Varshini5/8/2023PediatricsMiami, FloridaMy preceptor was very welcoming and loved to teach. He would always provide me with timely feedback for improvement and always encouraged me to become a better version of myself. He would appreciate my work and was an amazing mentor to me.I got to be hands on with my elective, as well as enhance my history taking and physical exam skillsMy preceptor showed me places to improve on my CV, as well as gave me guidance with regards to residency programs in Florida, USAYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes I was happy with the team, and Dan was super helpful and always answered my questions promptlyFL302PED
6/9/2023 12:20:28Yeswanth 5/8/2023Internal medicine BrooklynTeachingExperience and good LorIt made me familiar with EMR YesStrongly Agree – 5YesNY100IMV
6/16/2023 19:37:51Sri Harika5/15/2023Internal Medicine Dallas, TXConsiderate preceptorTailored teaching Learnt new conceptsYesAgree – 4Yes, it is amazing, very quick and detailed response from the service teamTX300DIM
6/16/2023 19:43:44Sri Harika5/15/2023Internal Medicine+GastroenterologyBrooklyn, New YorkBoth preceptors were considerate and jovialTailored teaching In learning new concepts YesAgree – 4Yes, very quick and detailed response from the service teamNY300IMG
6/19/2023 12:00:01Ana4/24/2023Pediatrics/Pulmonary MedicineMiamiThis experience was really complete! Dr. R is a great preceptor and mentor, he is super energetic and his practice is fast pace! He expects you to work hard and be a well-rounded physician. As time passed he gave me more freedom and responsibilities which makes me very happy cause it allowed me to learn a lot! He also gave me several articles and we would discuss them on our downtime. Dr. R taught me clinical, administrative, and some financial aspects of medicine in the US. He is a great human and Dr!!! I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with him and his team!!! I had an amazing experience!!!Dr. R has a busy practice, I got to see a high number of patients every day, and from day one I had the opportunity to collect patients’ histories and perform physical exams, this allowed me to become more efficient in doing so, as well as presenting the patients. I was able to write patient’s notes so learned to use his electronic medical record system. Dr. R always encouraged me to make diagnoses and a list of differentials and management plans on my own, he would then review my work and make adjustments as needed, and this made me more confident in making decisions and working independently. It helped me become more efficient and more confident interacting with patients and performing examinations and diagnostic integrations.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan and the medclerkships team was quickly available to answer my questions and provide solutions. FL300PDS
6/19/2023 12:39:40Ana5/22/2023Internal MedicineMiamiDr. J is an amazing person he is very knowledgeable and personable, he is always happy to answer any questions. I got to experience very different aspects of medicine in one practice, one of them being the integrative/functional side of medicine which I loved!!! Dr. J is really passionate about what he does and he has an incredible relationship with his patients, they trust him and respect him, I am very thankful to have the opportunity to learn from a preceptor like him! Dr. J gives you great liberty while interacting with patients. I got to perform clinical histories, and physical exams, review labs, and assist with small medical procedures. I am really happy with my experience in this rotation! Apart from all the knowledge that I was able to gain, I am really thankful for the people that I met while working at his office, the whole team is amazing!Dr J’s practice is super diverse so you gain experience interacting with people from very different backgrounds! I also met other IMGs which is incredibly valuable in this journey.I was able to grow my clinical skills, as well as my confidence as a physician. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, the team was always available to help.FL100MIM
6/20/2023 8:15:33Arushi5/1/2023Family MedicineNew YorkDr. M was very kind and always explained a concept after we saw the patient. At the end of the day, we would always discuss cases and ask me any questions I had. Dr. M always gave feedback about my presentations. It was a wonderful experience overall and I highly recommend this rotation. Great learning experience to write the SOAP notes and work and understand the EMR.Valuable USCE with exposure to the bread and butter of family medicine learnt the importance of preventive care.YesAgree – 4NY105FM
6/20/2023 17:41:32Nishok6/12/2023General Surgery – PrelimColumbus, OhioMy time with Dr. A (Surgical Oncology) in Miami was my best experience with Medclerkships. The rotation was busy, with plenty of hands-on experience in both the clinic and the OR. He also set aside dedicated time for teaching and presentations. I was treated just like a med student actively rotating with him, which is exactly what I needed. Clinical experience and useful knowledge for my first year of residency.In general, my experiences helped prepare me for my first year of residency.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan was particularly responsive to any issues I had and was readily available by Whatsapp and Email. FL300GS
6/21/2023 19:02:47Nandhni5/29/2023Internal medicine Brooklyn nycDoctor was very friendly and loves to teach students and we have many patients and clinical conditions to learn and document them with emr system. The whole atmosphere was very uplifting and made it memorable. My first Im rotation , learnt how eclinical system works . Learnt medications doses and preventive screening for patientsMy interest of speciality is neurology and my first year is internal medicine and i wanted to have knowledge and experience in this subject for a month and that’s exactly what i received. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes , dan sir is very helpful and patient and fast.NY100IMV
6/23/2023 12:18:45Sharath Nilai5/29/2023IM/Cardiology New YorkDr S is a very patient and professional doctor I worked with. He’s a really good teacher. He explained how to interpret ekg and echoWe can learn a lot from doctor S Doctor S gave me a good LoRYesStrongly Agree – 5NY302C
6/23/2023 12:32:02Rashma 5/29/2023Pathology Port Chester, NYDr. C is incredibly knowledgeable and being able to learn about renal pathology from her was a great experience. She teaches in a clear succinct manner. Initially I was concerned whether I would be able to learn through a virtual observership, but those fears were quickly dispelled.Gained insight into common renal pathology cases and she was very open to answering any questions about residency without judgement.I know a lot more about what programs are looking for in a candidate and the general structure/workflow of residency.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, communication was prompt and everything was clear.RES300PTH
6/24/2023 22:36:38Michael 5/29/2023Neurology New York I was very impressed Realisation of my strength in EEGs, Learninh more about the US social system It’ll increase my awareness of differences among people YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes NY100NEU
6/30/2023 19:40:37saurodeep6/5/2023GastroenterologyLake Jackson, TXOn 28th june , 2023 , Dr M surprised me by asking if I would like to join him and his family for Eid celebration.He took me in his car after he had wrapped up work at the office,sharing lots of stories and tales of wisdom along the way.After we reached his sister’s place, he personally introduced me to each and every member of his family,who greeted me very warmly. Afterwards,we sat down for dinner and he gave me a lot of tips regarding applying for residency. Later,he took me to his house to spend the night so that I would not have to drive all the way back to my hotel (60 miles away). The next morning ,he even made me a cup of coffee, boiled eggs and cookies.The fact that a person of such great caliber would be so humble and down to earth as to not only invite a stranger to his home , who he had known for just a few weeks,but also make breakfast,touched my heart and soulI have learnt a lot of things for my mentor Dr M, such as how we should treat a patient completely (physical,spiritual and emotional)and not just their symptoms.He taught me how to carefully elicit history,teasing out certain findings that would help me clinch the diagnosis.He painstakingly explained each and every sign and symptom and also asked me questions so that I would remember better.He gave me an assignment everyday so that I could discuss that topic with him the next day.He showed me how to handle the EMR(electronic medical record).Finally,he showed me a lot of endoscopic procedures,some of which I had never seen before,and also explained the findings to me

Dr M is one of the best doctor and human being I have ever met , and I wish he had been my teacher in medical school.I strongly recommend others to try a rotation at lake jackson with him and his team(who are extremely smart,supportive and kind as well )
The knowledge imparted upon me by Dr M will help me immensely in my preparation for USMLE step 3 , along with providing me with a smooth introduction into the inner workings of the american healthcare system.Watching him perform endoscopies quickly and efficiently inculcated a sense of calm control in me,and motivated me to also pursue my dream of becoming a gastroenterologist in the United States more seriouslyYesStrongly Agree – 5I’m very happy with the prompt service provided by Medclerkship. My only request is to have a response system on weekends/holidays, in case any student wants to reach out regarding something urgent.In my case, I did not know where I had to report on my first day,and I had a difficult time trying to find that out since no one was answering emails/texts/calls.I was finally able to get a hold of Mr Dan , who immediately gave me the required detailsTX300GA
7/3/2023 14:50:40Minahil6/5/2023Internal Medicine White PlainsHe was really good at teaching and was really helpful.I have learnt alot as it was my first rotation.They will help me do basic things that are required from a resident.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes,They were really helpful and were responsive throughout the process WA200IM
7/5/2023 12:27:28Ammara6/5/2023Internal Medicine White PlainsI got to learn many things which I didn’t knew. Answers of many of my queries. And learnt many new things which I didn’t know.They helped me how to focus on my goals and taught me the things which I lacked.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. They responded quickly and helped me with my clerkship without any difficulties.WA200IM
7/5/2023 22:45:35Katina4/17/2023Internal MedicineNew YorkI approached my preceptor and explained that I learn best when I am able to ask questions and have discussions as such. I was very happy when my preceptor stayed he was happy after hours to assist me in understanding any outstanding clinical queries that I had. I significantly valued the education I received in terms of how to approach clinical scenarios, and also how to handle scenarios with more difficult patients. These benefits have assisted me to grow as a medical student, so that I feel more confident in my knowledge and skills, and more prepared, to handle more complex patient care needs and difficult patient behaviors. YesAgree – 4Yes. Dan was exemplary at answering my enquiries promptly and thoroughly. He did everything to help me meet my goals in acquiring a placement in the US. NY100IMM
7/13/2023 19:34:38Sudheera6/12/2023Interventional cardiology HoustonDr. P is a very passionate doctor and an enthusiastic teacher. One day I made a presentation on a topic related to cardio-oncology. Dr. P not only listened to the entire presentation, but also took nearly 45 mins after the presentation to teach me about “myocardial strain” – something that I wasn’t sure of while I was presenting. He patiently answered all my questions. That learning session was truly an inspiring experience for me.There are many, but the 3 most important benefits are:
1) learnt how to bond with patients by proper communication.
2) had the opportunity to observe interventional procedures in cardiology.
3) this experience reignited my interest in interventional cardiology.
1)This rotation gave me a good outpatient USCE with exposure to cath lab procedures, which is definitely a plus point in my residency application. I feel, I can talk about a lot of interesting cases in my interviews after this rotation.
2) it has also taught me the importance of team work ability, dedication and communication- most important traits for my successful future career.
YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dr. Madhu and Dan have helped me find this rotation, even in a very short notice. I initially had several questions, but they were very patient to answer them all. I really appreciate their help and am fully satisfied with Med-clerkships.TX301IMCIC
7/14/2023 11:58:41Leeanna6/12/2023Internal MedicineManhattanHe allows us to see patients and present to him and includes us in all aspects of management. He is very welcoming and supportive.Learning communication skills with patients and keeping up to date with the latest practices and guidelines. Will definitely be an asset during interviews as we were asked to do presentations which helped with public speaking. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, very quick response and accommodating to our requests.NY100IMM
7/15/2023 18:50:48Sidra6/12/2023pediatrics florida good mentorship, let me see as many cases as he could good mentorshiphe had good advice for me, we have yet to see if he recommends me to a residency program personally or notYesStrongly Agree – 5yes satisfied FL300PDS
7/15/2023 22:14:48Narendra6/12/2023Internal MedicineNew York CityVery friendly and knowledgeable Extensive experience using an EMR, and interacting with patientsGot to experience life as an IM dr in primary care.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, answers all questions in a timely mannerNY100IMM
7/18/2023 14:09:26Yoyo6/26/2023GastroenterologyBoston The free lunch. I have a better understanding of the healthcare system in the US. It has helped me understand the system for both patients and doctors. YesAgree – 4Yes, the team was very friendly and helped with any issues that were raised. MA300IM
7/18/2023 17:01:33Chuchu6/26/2023CardiologyNew YorkA lot of hands-on experience. You can be assistance of some small procedure under supervision.Get more experience with patients in the USGet some USCE requirementsYesStrongly Agree – 5Not really. Compared to other agent, the customer service replied slowly.NY302C
7/21/2023 11:26:21William6/5/2023OrthopedicsMiamiScrubbed in on a surgery togetherLots of teaching and advise on how to apply for residenciesWhat to use as a backup, a good letter of recommendationYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, great help with accommodationFL300ORT
7/21/2023 21:39:41Marwa6/12/2023PediatricsNew York The doctor always called me in to see rare/interesting cases. She found the time to brief me about the case after the patient had left. The doctor trusted me to lead consultations and train new coming medical studentsPractically experience and engage with the US healthcare system, briefly experience pediatrics in the context of the US healthcare system, LeadershipI have assessed more practically if this option is good for me and if I would be able to pursue it. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes very much, they have been very punctual in responses and on hand when needed be it with admin help or picking a placement. I always recommend medclerkships to friends! NY202PE
7/22/2023 10:55:00Shanyan6/12/2023Pathology Tucson (teleUSCE)Dr. T demonstrated a high level of professionalism and dedication to the teaching profession. With his comprehensive preparations, we were able to be exposed to many well-classified cases. Dr. T can answer all our question immediately with sufficient evidence. Besides the knowledge I learned, what impressed me most was the importance of “carefulness” for a pathologist. Dr. T always mentioned, the diagnosis from pathologists significantly affected, most of time, “determined” the therapeutic strategies of other parts of the medical care. During this rotation, Dr. T tried to generate “good habits” for us. For example, he would stop us if we gave a quick “diagnosis” of the cases and asked us to start from the “descriptions”, such as the locations, staining methods and features. We kept on adding descriptions until we have on more information, then we could give our diagnosis. It is true that for a pathologist, especially as a rookie, I should never consider the real cases were “straight forward”, and we are “smart “enough. Carefulness is the priority. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. Fast response and nice.RES302PTH
7/25/2023 15:08:49Yangchen7/3/2023Pediatrics New York Dr G’s Pediatrics is an excellent place to rotate. Everyone is very helpful and Dr G let’s you do lots of hands-on and also we get to learn the EMR system. Patient interaction and Patient care The things learnt here will be really helpful for my future YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes . Very prompt NY301PE
7/29/2023 8:36:55Susannah 7/3/2023Internal medicineBrooklynI liked how friendly and understanding the preceptor is if I make a mistake and willing to teach whenever there’s an opportunity to .Kindness and learnt how to build patient doctor relationship Taught me how to communicate with the doctors in the US and with the patients here. YesStrongly Agree – 5YesNY100IMV
8/5/2023 8:49:36MARIA7/3/2023NEUROLOGYNYC NEUROLOGICAL PHYSICAL EXAM AND IMAGING along with Explanation of cases, learning neurological examination, imaging THE TEACHING WITH PATIENTS & The neurological examinationsBETTER INTERACTION WITH PATIENTS and Learning how is it going to be after residencyYesAgree – 4WITH MEDCLERKSHIP YES NY100NEU
8/6/2023 10:36:08Deeti6/5/2023PediatricsQueensPreceptor was absolutely amazing, friendly and helpful. Encouraged us with hands on opportunities. Got to get hands on experience in child care. Able to examine the patients.Was able to know how the outpatient setting for pediatrics work.YesStrongly Agree – 5yesNY301PE
8/8/2023 18:49:18Aditya6/6/2023Internal MedicineBrooklyn, NYIm glad to have worked alongside Dr. V. I encountered a pt of bilateral knee pain and not only did Dr. V let me examine the patient and present the case, but even let me in on deciding the investigations and management the patient required. We followed up with the pt over the course of my rotation and were able to get a diagnosis which is something that will stay with me for a long time!Patient-centric approach to medicine, and keeping up with modern evidence-based medicineWorking with Dr. V has shaped my ideas of how to practice medicine in general, and how to ensure that your personal growth is ensured alongside patient satisfactionYesStrongly Agree – 5Absolutely. MedClerkships are always present, steadfast and dependable, be it any query, change in schedule or last-minute arrangements, you can always count on them. Very big thank you to MedClerkships for making this happen!NY100IMV
8/8/2023 20:14:31Aditya7/3/2023Internal MedicineChicagoOur preceptor Dr. C is an astute clinician and even more strong theoreticist. The fact that he supports all his medical encounters with extensive data of evidence for each management modality just fills you with awe. Like the encounter where he counseled a elderly pt with muscles aches, and deduced that it was her lipitor that was causing her muscle aches, and explained the same to her. The relief on her face on finally finding the cause of her longstanding muscle aches and fatigue was satisfying as a clinicianBeing true to your study and field, and never letting the learner inside you dieWorking with Dr C has enriched the reader and learner in me, at the same equipped me with the skills to provide the best care for my patients, while having a healthy outlook to my own life.YesStrongly Agree – 5Absolutely. MedClerkships are always present, steadfast and dependable, be it any query, change in schedule or last-minute arrangements, you can always count on them. Very big thank you to MedClerkships for making this happen!IL302IM
8/11/2023 11:23:58Priyanka7/10/2023PediatricsDallas, TexasDr. A mparted me with basic clinical knowledge about the field of Pediatrics. She took her time and explained me the growth charts, developmental milestone and vaccination schedule. I got trained in EPIC and had an opportunity to visit the hospital.It would be a great experience to carry forward in my residency as well as show an immense value on on application.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan is wonderful and has helped me throughout the way!TX200DPE
8/11/2023 12:10:40Narendra7/10/2023CardiologyBronxHe was very kind and understandingHe had a lot of teaching sessions and very hands on with patientsExtensive experience with the EMR/ICD codes/ billing codes/ insurances. Also felt at the end that i had a good understanding of cardiology and up to date guidelines.YesStrongly Agree – 5YesNY301C
8/11/2023 14:42:24LEEANNA7/10/2023IMBrooklynVery friendly and encouraging.Meeting new people & learning EMREMR experience and familiarity with icd codes and billingYesAgree – 4YesNY100IMV
8/12/2023 10:32:24Bhavana7/17/2023General Surgery/Surgical OncologyHialeahI was able to talk to patients and refine my case presentation with the help of my preceptor. He also taught me the importance of elegance in handling surgical instruments. I have been able to observe robotic surgeries and gain knowledge about many interesting new developments that may revolutionize the surgical field in the coming years.Presentation of a topic
Case presentation
Tie and Suture techniques
Journal club presentation
YesStrongly Agree – 5Dan was very helpful to me, he even recommended the correct rotation for me after understanding what I was most concerned about in an elective. FL300GS
8/13/2023 15:03:18Marwa7/10/2023NeurologyNew YorkPreceptor is very encouraging, very inspiring. Always ensured I was busy and working on something or learning. Always checked up on students throughout the day about questions or what I’d like to gain out of the experience. Learned more practical application of neurology, learned about the US healthcare system. Can describe why my goal is to work there and show evidence of experience in this workplace.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan Martinez has been amazing! He is very dependable, helped me with any issues I had throughout the process. Even during the rotation he was very quick to respond to any questions I had. NY101NEU
8/14/2023 17:44:02Anna7/17/2023OB/GYNBrooklyn, NYCI was able to see patients, and by receiving my own account of their system, I was also allowed to write my own prescriptions and referrals. Observing excellent patient interaction and management, getting to know the US healthcare system. Now I know what I’m fighting for! Also, I’ve gained much hands-on practice and patient management. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, that’s the third company I’ve used and the best one. Would recommend 10/10. NY200OB
8/16/2023 14:38:29Reuben7/17/2023PediatricsChicago (teleUSCE)Dr. W allows us all to do a presentation that can go on our CVPresentation.She does ‘Match mondays’ that help us all in our quest for matchYesStrongly Agree – 5YesRES301PD
8/17/2023 11:37:52Yug7/17/2023Rheumatology/ Internal medicine Decatur Atlanta Georgia Dr L always listens to his patients in detail and has a communication charm through which he retrieves all relevant medical history from patients be it a very talkative patient or a silent patient.
I remember that when I was feeling sick on the morning of a day of my rotation, I was not sure about if I will be able to report to the office in the morning and when I told Dr L that I’m not feeling well, he assured me to make myself feel better, not worry about the day and get enough rest. It felt so sweet and nice.
I have always been a strong believer to make every patient comfortable and mentally relaxed with the doctor and I found that Dr L does the same with his patients everyday everytime which made me enjoy more while working under him.
There are many
1. Clinical knowledge, examination and procedures in rheumatology and general medicine
2. Effective communication skills and strategies
3. Mannerisms
4. Practicing HIPPA and ethics protocols
5. How to run a hospital
6. Work ethics and working as a team
All these things made me learn how to do effective communication with patients as well as staff members. I also acquired in-depth knowledge about history taking, clinical examination, side effects of medications to look out for and management protocols, of rheumatologic and medical diseases. I understood how to conduct myself and what level of work ethics an excellent physician should have. I realized that we doctors always have to be upto date in terms of recent advances and latest medications updates and apply that in patient care. YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes
Dan Martinez and his team has always been kind and helpful about all queries and confusions.
8/17/2023 19:07:02Nicholas7/3/2023OrthopedicsMiamiDr. V was always such an incredible mentor throughout the entire experience and took every opportunity to teach me something new and expand my knowledge.First: The one-on-one experience was unexpected and honestly my most favourite part of the entire month. I had such ample time to ask him anything that came to mind and also to see how he worked/thought in depth.
Second: Dr. V also gave me a tremendous amount of information regarding the application process for residency as well as what comes after residency eg. fellowship, insurance, etc.
I plan on going into orthopaedics and Dr. V has really opened my eyes to Hand Surgery as a possible sub specialty in the future.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, Dan was always super helpful throughout the entire process and quick to answer any questions I had.FL300ORT
8/18/2023 11:28:21Sudheera7/17/2023Interventional Cardiology KansasI really had a very good learning experience during my rotation. My preceptor was very friendly and made me feel comfortable at work.
Everyday we had discussion sessions, in which one particular topic related to cardiology was discussed. Students were encouraged to actively participate in the discussion. I enjoyed these sessions. At the end of the rotation I was feeling more confident about most cardiology related topics.
this rotation enhanced my understanding of the importance of evidence based practice in patient care.Understanding Evidence based practice, will definitely help me become a better resident and physician in the future. That being said, this rotation also gave me a wide exposure to cases in different settings- OP, IP and procedural. I believe that this experience will be the highlight in my CV and also during my residency interviews.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, medclerkships team helped me choose the right rotations for myself. Thank you so much for giving me this experience.KS200IMC
8/20/2023 20:47:42Aneri7/17/2023psychiatry Decatur, GA The preceptor had limited amount of patients and gave proper time to each of the patient. He understood the history of the patient, the need of the patient and treated them accordingly.I learnt how to communicate better with patients
Benefited in knowing new drugs, effectiveness and side effects of drugs of psychiatry
The rotation made me more clear about my decision for the branch of psychiatry.YesAgree – 4Yes.
The customer service was very fast, accurate and reliable. The responsible person attended to each and every doubt before and during the rotation.
8/22/2023 12:26:08Onur7/10/2023Pathology(teleUSCE)/ArizonaHe was trying to really teach us, focusing on the basics and getting in to advanced topics if we are ready. He was spending time with everyone in the lecture. How to approach a case, how to tell what you see in the slide Hopefully, I will struggle less during my first year of residency YesAgree – 4Yes, they were helpful, fast and responsiveRES302PTH
8/23/2023 15:59:51Maria7/31/2023NeurologyNew York CityThe preceptor enjoys teaching Learning and practicing to be prepared knowing the US system and actively learning neurology YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes NY101NEU
8/24/2023 12:20:38Muhammad 7/10/2023Cardiology/Internal MedicineNew York, NYMy experience working in rotation at a cardiology clinic was truly exceptional. The exposure to a variety of cases and the chance to collaborate with skilled professionals enriched my understanding of the field immensely. Each day brought new challenges, from assisting in diagnostic procedures to participating in patient consultations, allowing me to refine my skills and expand my knowledge base. The supportive and knowledgeable team fostered an environment where questions were encouraged, and learning was a priority. This experience not only solidified my passion for cardiology but also deepened my appreciation for the importance of teamwork in delivering comprehensive patient care. Overall, my time in rotation at the cardiology clinic was incredibly rewarding and has undoubtedly contributed to my growth as a healthcare practitioner.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, very prompt & responsive. Provided great assistance every step of the way before, during, & after the clinical experience NY302C
8/25/2023 11:36:14Sakar7/31/2023Internal MedicineDallasI was very happy with my preceptor at all times. He regularly followed up with me about how i was doing and what i could do to improve. He was really kind and supportive of my journey.reiterated my belief on serving others as a purpose of life .the preceptor gave me feedback to improve on my residency applicationYesStrongly Agree – 5yesTX300DIM
8/29/2023 13:30:48Manogna 7/31/2022Psychiatry Dallas very informative and i learned a lot about DBTlearning about DBT and a flexible schedule Taking notes YesStrongly Agree – 5yesTX101DPS
8/29/2023 21:06:33cagla3/10/1992fam medsouth rivergiving me positive feedback improving my presentation skillsbeing efficient with history takingYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes NJ100FM
8/30/2023 1:58:50Vivek8/7/2023Internal Medicine Brooklyn (teleUSCE)Doctor is very kind and Jovial Being very free and open with the doctor Talk freely with great people YesAgree – 4Yes RES304IM
8/30/2023 7:07:07Shubham8/7/2023Internal MedicineNew York (teleUSCE)Answers to any questions. Patient communication and interaction, Professionalism.This was my 1st tele-rotation so I got brief idea about US health care system.YesAgree – 4YesRES303IM
9/5/2023 20:19:46Yasho6/5/2023IMDearbornGot to see lots of cases, was hands on in managing patients and using EMR, was involved in plan and decision making.Managing common conditions, Managing deaddiction , patient interactionGave me confidence and and I got a glimpse into how managing patients and workload and a clinical setup is like.YesStrongly Agree – 5YesMI200IM
9/5/2023 20:22:40Yasho7/10/2023NeurologyNew YorkGot to see a lot of different neuro casesLearnt how private practice clinics runRealized how much I like neurologyYesAgree – 4YesNY100NEU
9/5/2023 20:30:29Yasho8/7/2023NeurologyNew YorkHis teaching was exceptional.Learnt how to approach cases, people skillsHis teaching will make me into a better clinician and have a systematic approachYesStrongly Agree – 5YesNY101NEU
9/5/2023 21:11:25Vaishnavi 7/3/2023IM/PulmonologyHouston, TexasWhen he was explaining the lung and heart sounds of a patient in detail. Learnt how to build a relationship with the patient & how to identify specific lung soundsN/AYesAgree – 4Yes.
Overall I’m satisfied. Dan was very prompt with finding rotations and helped answer my questions quickly.
9/15/2023 11:56:32Ojas 9/18/2023IM + GINew York Explains quite a lot regardless.Option to send lor later from preceptors
Hands on from both doctors
Handson lor YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes NY300IMG
9/16/2023 2:47:58Sudheera8/21/2023Internal medicineFloridaDr. S was very friendly. He always took time to explain the cases in detail. The question answer session at the end of each case was very useful and productive. This was a very good learning experience. Critical thinking skills and in patient clinical exposure are the benefits from this exposure Having inpatient exposure is definitely beneficial for my residency application. Ability to correctly approach a case in something that will useful throughout my career.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. Med clerkships team was very helpful in suggesting the right rotations for me even at the last moment.FL300IMFT
9/22/2023 0:52:27Sudipta8/27/2023NephrologyBrooklyn NYIt was an amazing experience working with my preceptor. I got full hands on experience ans full access to the EMR. My preceptor was fully involved in educating me and became a guiding force for me throughout the elective. Would highly recommend Medclerkship to all my juniors in college.I could build contacts which would help me in future.
Also got tips on how to be a good doctor in the US.
After rotating with my preceptor i feel more confident today.
Basics of research were enlightened to my by precepotor
Tips to prepare for step 2 were given
My preceptor made sure to havea two way discussion and made sure our opinion mattered.
I felt as though my over all personality has improved over the last month.
YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes, through emails they would remind us about the upcoming electives.
Prompt replies were there.
9/24/2023 12:03:15Sudipta8/27/2023Internal MedicineMarylandMy precptor at Maryland was thorough professional in her field, her professionalism inspired me alot.
Saw some rare cases such as Rosai Dorfman Syndrome and discussions with my preceptor were meaningfull.
Also we were taken for hospital rounds and the compassion with which she interacted with the patients was really commendable.
Discussing management and how to approach basic HTN DM COPD asthma cases helped me alot.
Built really good contacts.
Her knowledge about the subject helped me in my step 2 preparation.
She pointed out to how i should make my application strong for residency.
These contacts will help me in future surely.
YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes,prompt replies and reminders for the next elective was good.
Service team replied to my emails fast.
9/28/2023 18:01:10Natasha 7/24/2023Internal medicine Chicago My preceptor engaged in regular classes where we discussed landmark clinical trials pertaining to relevant clinical topics First exposure to evidence based lectures The experiences and advice from the contacts I made during the rotation helped me in my preparation YesStrongly Agree – 5YesIL302IM
9/28/2023 20:45:53Harsha7/1/2023Anesthesia/Critical CareChicagoPreceptor helped me think through what specialty I should apply to. As a former Anesthesia resident from India, this was very helpful to think through.The LOR was extremely beneficial. I also learned how to use EMRs.I could talk in detail about EMRs, difference between home country and american healthcare system, make connections to proof my application and give helpful adviceYesStrongly Agree – 5Yes! Dan was extremely helpful. IL200EM
9/29/2023 11:39:31Aishah9/5/2023Neurology HoustonHe was a great teacher. He was very dedicated in making sure we learn each topic well. I learnt a great deal of history taking from observing him interact with every patient.Learnt a lot of Neurology topics in depth. Learnt the art of thorough and efficient history taking.It made my interest in Neurology grow even more intense.YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes. They were very prompt in responding to my concerns and dealt with any issue very efficiently.TX301NE
9/30/2023 5:32:55William8/28/2023EMChicagoVery good personal interactionsGood adviceDirect application to residencyYesStrongly Agree – 5YesIL200EM
10/7/2023 12:57:53Shanyan5/19/1984PathologyDecatur and Marietta, GAAlthough I had always known that attention to detail is vital in pathology, I saw its importance in surprising ways. For example, I noted that when an “unexpected” piece of tissue appeared on a slide, the pathologists did not disregard it as mere “contamination”. Instead, I learned to track such anomalies back to the source, auditing experimental procedures, comparing slides with others in the set, and meticulously recording all details. I learned to start my analysis considering all possible factors until I accumulate enough information to arrive at a diagnosis with confidence.Such attention to detail improves quality in our samples and procedures, and, ultimately, enhances patient safety, develops “good habits” for the pathology residency training.YesStrongly Agree – 5GA300PTH
10/14/2023 7:53:23Riya 6/19/2000Family Medicine Queens, NY My preceptor was a very proffessional & comfortable doctor. I am very happy with the way she let me interact with the patients. It gave me the feeling of a true member of the team & was a very good hands on experience. Learnt thorough history taking. Also hands on usage of EMR. History taking has given me more exposure and an opportunity to learn in depth about different culture in the USA. This will be very helpful for my career the states in the future. YesAgree – 4Yes. They were prompt with all my queries. NY105FM
10/17/2023 11:48:45Bala9/18/2023Cardio/IMHouston Detailed paper discussion Observation of procedures.
Free to ask questions
Was happy to teach on the system and involve us hands on YesStrongly Agree – 5YesTX300IMCIC
10/17/2023 12:23:19Abena9/25/2023Cardiology New York CityMy preceptor explained to me a cohort (Poole’s cohort) for determining the risk of cardiovascular event in a patient especially those presenting with chest pain and also consistently sent us articles on the guidelines for diagnosis and treatment How to write clinical notes especially the plan area. Taking each presentation and explaining why a particular approach is being taken in the management method as well as using current data to back that up
I can now record EKG by myself and the different axis of echocardiogram was explained to me
Learning how to write clinical notes will enable me to communicate properly in the field of medicine and also learning to look for current data to back my management will keep me abreast with the changing ways of medicine. It has also helped me to learn to manage each individual in a unique way that is tailored to that person even though they may present with the same symptoms
Also, at any point in time, I can record and interpret EKG and echos in my hospital thus I can function efficiently with or without the presence of any technician
YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes I was. The team was very patient and understanding NY301C
9/8/2022 17:58:37Ahmed S 8/15/2022General SurgeryDearborn/DetroitDr F is an amazing highly qualified and helpful personsI became more exposed to the us medical life and guidelines and the experience was so helpful i highly recommend They helped me by strong lors and good connections YesStrongly Agree – 5Yes their replies and feedback was amazing and beyond the expectations MI300GS