Dr. Ritwik M

Current Medical Student
Andhra Medical College
Internal Medicine: Brooklyn, NY

 Dr. Sehej S

International Medical Graduate
Gian Sagar Medical College – 2017
IM/Cardio: Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Gia T

International Medical Graduate
University of Debrecen – 2017
Family Medicine: Houston, TX

 Dr. Ufaq I

Current Medical Student
Sharif Medical and Dental College
Neurology: Washington, DC

Dr. Careema J

Current Medical Student
Almaarefa Colleges: College of Medicne
Saudi Arabia
OB/GYN: Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Kirti C

International Medical Graduate
Mahatma Gandhi Institute Of Medical Science – College of Medicine – 2008
Anesthesiology: Chicago, IL

Dr. Christine L

International Medical Graduate
Our Lady of Fatima University – College of Medicine – 2016
Multiple Specialties: 10-month program in New York, NY, Chicago, IL, and Atlanta, GA

I just spoke with Dr. Mo – he was fantastic. A lot of great information, very knowledgeable, honest, straight forward and a great resource. He really knows what he is talking about and is willing to answer questions. Thanks very much for putting me in touch with him.

Dr. Manuel

February 2016

Good morning Mr Martinez,
I just got off the phone with Dr Parag.
He informed me about the available externships in NY and Arizona.
He was extremely helpful and cleared a lot of my doubts not only regarding the externships but also about the usmle and residency matching.
I will follow up with him over the next few days and confirm the externship with you on this email.

Thank you very much for your help and providing me with a very helpful physician

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Biniwale

January 2016

Hello Dan ! good evening, this is Jose from Chicago!

Dan I am writing you because yesterday I talked with Dr M he was explaining me about position to work with you referring new students he told me to mention that to you so you can send me some information and also something about a code and blog to write my experience.
Also I wanted to tell you about That I got  Prematch in Internal Medicine in New York! it is going to be at Bronx Lebanon Hospital so I am really excited about that. I already told this to Dr M so he was really excited also about how everything went through.
Sorry I haven’t been writing before I was in classes for Step 3 prep which I am about to take for the residency.
Thank You Very Much For Everything
Dr. Jose
October 2015
I just wanted to let you know that I am back from Atlanta to Chicago from my Internal Medicine Rotation with Dr S. I just could work with him the last two weeks because he was on vacations when I got there but I was left with other Drs with whom I rounded and got the opportunity to work with. I also got the opportunity to work with the resident from the internal medicine program. Dr I wanted to thank you for recommended me that hospital and that rotation because other wise I wouldn’t have made the arrangement to go.  I actually had the opportunity to meet the program director in Atlanta and had actually an interview for the Internal Medicine residency that they offer, the interview took place last Friday 13th . It is a small hospital and small program with only 10 resident but the passing board percentage is 99% to the date and have actually a great reputation.
Any way, I just wanted to share with you a little abut my experience there and also let you know that thanks to the opportunity and your recommendations I got an interview for a position!
Thank you for the opportunity!
Dr. Luis
June 2015
Dr. V.J. Iyer

International Medical Graduate
Padmashri Dr Vithal Rao Vikhe Patil Medical College ’12
Maharashtra, India
Psychiatry Program in New York, NY, Chicago, IL, and Atlanta, GA

S.B., MD

International Medical Graduage
The International University of the Health Sciences, St. Kitts & Nevis 2010

N.S., MD

International Medical Graduage
The University of Seychelles American Institute of Medicine 2010

A.T.A., MD

International Medical Graduage
FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry 2011

M.P., MD

International Medical Graduage
The First Moscow State Medical University Named after I.M.Sechenov 2005

R.L., MD

International Medical Graduate
University of Philippines 2004

D.C., MD

International Medical Graduate
American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine 2012

S.C., MD

International Medical Graduate
Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital 2013


International Medical Student
University of Leicester Medical School


B.H., MD

International Medical Graduate
Allama Iqbal Medical College 2010

Y.R., MD

International Medical Graduate
Xi’an Jiaotong University 2002

A.A., MD

International Medical Graduage
Russian State Medical University 1999