Interview Counseling


  • We prepare interviewees.
  • We build confident applicants.
  • We fill in the unknown by networking to know and close the hole between what is common and uncommon.


MedClerkships Interview Coaching Team helps you turn negatives into positives

Multiple attempts on knowledge-based, but time intensive, USMLE board exam may seem like a negative but we teach you how to turn it into a positive.

We simply fortify against WHY you failed. Be it perhaps a bad day, sick day, family emergency, personal matters, or bad time management. We help you show HOW YOU LEARNED FROM YOUR MISTAKES and why such a life event needed to occur in order for you to be a better person and more importantly in this highly coveted position now.

Let us help you paint the picture to help yourself!

Other possible reasons to seek consultation:

  • Failing a subject in basic sciences
  • Medical gaps in education? (Occurring due to reasons such as financial instability to pay for board exams)
  • Repeating clinical skills examinations
  • English as a difficult language because it is your second language (learn how to turn your multilingual skills into a positive differentiator amongst you and other candidates)
  • No United States Clinical Experience (USCE)

By talking through such difficulties, and hearing such valuable and world-renowned opinions on overcoming adversity we help you rise above once again, finding your motivation once more, and keeping you inspired to fulfill your dreams of becoming a licensed, skilled and independent physician. We establish the flaws on Day 1 in person in our offices or on a select variety of video-networking options (Skype, Google+, Google Hangout, AIM, Trello, FaceTime) for our international candidates who may not be eligible to make it to our Medical Consultation Collaboration (MCC) offices.

Efficient use of resources and stepwise fashion distribution :

We spend anywhere from 10-20 hours of time reviewing applications, personal statements, CV, Resume, undergraduate transcripts, past work experience, volunteer experience, relevant medical research, other research, publications, abstracts, posters, presentations, PowerPoint projections, articles, usmle transcripts, medical school transcripts, special circumstances (special reports by ECFMG), and any holes and gaps in medical education.

Our panel of medical professionals in conjunction with coordinators and English graduate majors will review and contribute suggestions to improve your CV/Resume and personal statement(s) and from there the file is passed on to the physician consultants who relay and convey back the changes to be able to be explained sensibly and linguistically on interview day. There are several attributes to ones character, application and personality but you can be sure our consultants have 1 goal and that is to maximize and highlight your successes while rationalizing your flaws. Utilizing dynamic strategies you will be paired with a staff physician who can offer you step by step guidance on your interviewing skills. Contact us below to inquire further.

Insider DataBank:
Using our extensive network of physicians we are able to find out much for you about your prospective interview before you ever step a foot in the hospital.

Our Advantage:

Getting multiple interviews doesn’t mean a guaranteed match. And likewise having only 1 interview does not mean you won’t match.

Often many prospective applicants schedule their most desired interviews later on in the cycle in order to:

a) be closer to the date of the rank order list conducted by both the applicant and the programs via NRMP so that programs can recollect applicants easier.

b) use earlier scheduled visits and interviews as a practice and prepare for the ones they have prioritized as their 1st or 2nd preference later on in the season. It can be intimidating and challenging if you are a shy individual, or have poor english proficiency, or have a strong accent/dialect or far worse are an introverted person.

*** Using multiple interpersonal strategies we offer mock interview sessions, access to socio-dynamic factors to bring out the best in you. We improve your communication skills tremendously by offering different scenarios for each specialty and using virtually every question asked from our pool of past clients and selfless contributors. Our team of pioneering IMGs and AMGs have gathered and compiled specific lists of questions that individual programs have asked in the past, and are likely to ask again.

How do we have such valuable information?

Because our doctors have weathered this process for many years past and are now veteran consultants looking to spread the wealth of information and to help future doctors seeking mentors.

Proper training, step by step guidance and consistent practice via professional networking services will not only boost your confidence (arguably the single most important feature because if you don’t sound/think/and act like you are the best candidate out there then why should the interviewer have such faith in you?), but it will also increase your chances of success on interview day because you are well prepped and ready for anything that may be thrown your way. We look to bring out the quality, the substance and character in you so that the program directors, senior attending(s), chief residents and whomever else interviewing you may REMEMBER YOU far after you leave and can consciously and favorably recollect you during the administrations rank order deadline week.


Most programs receive 5000-8000 applications for their roughly 10-20 PGY1 categorical spots. They invite prospective applicants approximately at a 15-20:1 ratio. This essentially means that for every unique/individual spot, they are interviewing roughly up to 20 people for each position. Hence, making a big impression on interview day can be monumental to your success and weigh well beyond any of your scores and LoR’s. Your application and any potential flaws mean little during the interview if you address them with cause, passion and reason.

*** We help find those inherently suppressed low points and convert negatives into positives. Using FlipTheory strategies we map out causes, reasons and future plans for you to overcome these unappealing blemishes and more so overcome your biggest enemy – the subconscious self.

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