MC Diplomat Program


Searching for medical students, IMGs, study groups, and any interested non-medico involved in medical education for our MC Diplomat program.

The MC Diplomat program is our commission-based student outreach program that allows students (both prospective and former) and others act as ambassadors to spread the word about MedClerkships program offerings.

Typically, our Diplomat positions are filled by former students with direct first-hand knowledge of our programs but they are open to any interested party with a significant link to any medical education networks in the international community.

Diplomat Responsibilities:

  • Network Outreach
  • Social Media Posts
  • In-depth Program Knowledge
  • Knowledge of IMG & Residency Match Process
  • Ads in your local or national medical student newspaper and/or health conventions
  • Presentations (if applicable)
  • School Ambassador (if applicable)


Benefits include:

  • Network with Our Physicians
  • Commission Paid Per Each Successful Referral
  • Priority Enrollment Choice Among New Programs & Available Discounts
  • Scholarship & Grant Opportunities for Students Acting as School Ambassadors
  • Access to Our MedClerkships Research Network (MCRN)
  • Promotion Potential for Administrative, Residency Consultant, and Medical Education Positions
  • + Many Other Opportunities