What are the normal fees for a 4-week rotation package program?

Our programs are a minimum of 4 weeks in duration. Tuition fees for single 4-week blocks typically begin from $1,800 – $2,000. Discounted packages are available starting at 12 weeks and longer.

What is included in basic 4-week tuition fees?

  • 4 weeks of US clinical experience under the supervision of a board-certified physician
  • Opportunity to earn a performance-based LOR
  • Access to MedClerkships Research Network (MCRN)
  • Access to certification gateway where you can obtain HIPAA and OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens (1 year access to unlimited exams)
  • Medical liability insurance coverage assistance (if required by clinical site/preceptor)
  • CV & Personal Statement review/revision (up to 2 total edits)
  • Limited housing search assistance, if needed
  • Complimentary residency consultation call with an assigned IMG mentor & US-based Board-Certified physician consultant
  • Complimentary interview analysis & tips with exit interview sessions (ask to download your interview sessions for future reference)

Can I place a deposit or downpayment to reserve a program?

Yes, for qualifying programs. Programs are eligible for a deposit or downpayment option only if the start date is greater than 8 weeks in the future. The deposit would allow us to confirm your program registration and provide you with your preceptor’s hospital affiliation details.  Please note: student enrollment confirmation letters can only be issued officially upon full enrollment (ie: full tuition payment & minimum document clearance)

What is the recommended timeframe I should apply for programs I’m interested in?

All programs are filled on a first come and first served basis via our clinical site network locations. We typically recommend applying for desired programs roughly 3-6 months in advance, to ensure availability. Unforeseen limited spots for immediate enrollment can arise after that time, but they are not guaranteed. We do offer expedited processing for applicants who apply less than 4 weeks before their start date, if their desired location and start date are available. If interested in a start date under 4 weeks away, please contact our coordinator team immediately.

When is my tuition balance due?

Tuition balance payment must be made in full no later than 4 weeks in advance of the available start date for most programs.  For applicants requiring expedited enrollment, tuition payment is due in full upon confirmation of enrollment to be officially placed on the program registration roster.  Student enrollment confirmation letters are provided typically within the 2-3 business days of tuition balance payment, if all required documents have been cleared.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, our program discounted packages begin with all clinical blocks totaling 12 weeks and longer. Incremental discount packages are available at 12, 24, and 52 weeks.  Custom packages of any # of weeks greater than 52 can also be provided at custom discounted rates.

We also offer discounts for students that carry their own certificate of liability coverage coverage and those who have valid certifications.  We also provide students referral commissions for successful student referrals to our services.  If interested in referring students, please inquire directly.

What is the application process?

Our application policy and procedures can be found directly on our application page at www.medclerkships.com/apply. There you will also find our application page. Fill out the application with as much accurate information as possible. Please note: partial applications are acceptable. Submit your application and a coordinator will review with the physician advisor team.

How do I select a program?

After application review, the applicant is provided with our available program options. Program options within our clinical site network will be provided within the locations offered. Once the applicant selects an acceptable program, we request a deposit (if still eligible), to obtain clinical site information and affiliation. Once the tuition balance and required documentation have been submitted within program deadlines, the program is then confirmed. Preceptor information, including preliminary scheduling information, is then provided to the student.

Do your programs qualify as US clinical experience (USCE)?

Yes, our preceptors are committed to providing a valuable patient care experience that adequately prepares candidates to provide care in the unique US Healthcare system. Preceptors gauge a candidate’s clinical ability and cultural competence and adjust a candidate’s level of responsibility during the rotation as necessary. Preceptors also ensure that candidate’s get experience with patient documentation and familiarity with working with different Electronic Medical Record systems.  All experiences offered directly by our preceptors conform to the local regulations.

What specialties are available?


Internal Medicine
Family Medicine
General Surgery
Emergency Medicine
Orthopedic Surgery
Pulmonary Critical Care
Sports Medicine
Cardiology/Interventional Cardiology
Internal Medicine/ICU
General Surgery/Plastic Surgery
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Interventional Radiology/Diagnostic Radiology
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R)
ICU Critical Care
PM&R/Interventional Pain Management
Anesthesiology/Pain Management
General Surgery/Trauma
Plastic Surgery
Otolaryngology (ENT)
Infectious Diseases
Bariatric Surgery
Colorectal Surgery
Interventional Pain Management
Diagnostic Radiology
Trauma/Emergency Radiology

+ More specialties added periodically as new programs become available

Brooklyn, NY
New York, NY
Oneida County, NY
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Washington DC
Baltimore, MD
Edison, NJ
Hoboken, NJ
New Brunswick, NJ
Midland, MI
Phoenix, AZ
Houston, TX
Miami, FL
Memphis, TN
Birmingham, AL
Orlando, FL
Kansas City, KS
Boston, MA
Queens, NY
Hackensack, NJ
Yonkers, NY
Bronx, NY
Raleigh, NC
Memphis, TN
Dallas, TX
St. Cloud, MN
Dearborn, MI
Detroit, MI
Portland, ME
Salem, NJ
Turnersville, NJ
Cherry Hill, NJ
Staten Island, NY
Galesburg, IL
Amityville, NY
Nyack, NY
San Antonio, TX
Fort Myers, FL
Dover, DE
Cleveland, OH

+More locations added periodically as new programs become available

When will you receive the name of your preceptor?

Official policy states that we do not divulge the name of the preceptor’s hospital affiliations until after confirming enrollment and paying a deposit. We do provide all the relevant information that our students need to choose their elective, including zip code of preceptor location to help with housing search and a general schedule (subject to change depending on preceptor schedule & patient workload). We also offer applicants an opportunity to speak with former students, when possible, who have previously completed a rotation cycle or with an existing resident who can offer a first hand perspective of the day-to-day experience that an applicant can expect.  Once we receive the deposit we then reserve your spot in that unique program code selected, each program code is unique to the specific program you’ve selected for registration. Once tuition has been paid in full, preceptor and preliminary scheduling information is released within 1-2 business days (provided all requested documents are cleared).


Will I receive a letter of recommendation at the conclusion of the experience?

Our preceptors are well aware of the requirements of the application process and are very willing to write supportive letters for candidates who distinguish themselves during the US Clinical Experience (USCE).  Our preceptors commit to providing supportive letters to such candidates in a timely manner at the conclusion of the USCE.  MedClerkships guarantees the opportunity to gain a performance-based LOR.  However, it is ultimately up to the discretion of the physician.  If you do not adhere to program guidelines, mistreat patients, show unprofessionalism, or violate the physician’s rules in any way, the physician may choose to not grant you a letter and you may be dismissed from the experience.


Will my LOR explain my nature of experience?

All of our preceptors are individuals who understand the requirements of the application process and the letters of recommendation comment on those qualities that program directors weigh heavily in their decision. All LORs are performance-based and written uniquely by the preceptor for the student.  We recommend approaching the preceptor directly for a LOR around the 3rd week of the experience.  LORs show the nature of the experience, the dates, any comments the preceptor might have about your experience, and the location of the experience.  Any performance-based LORs earned from our preceptors NEVER mention Medclerkships.com.


Do I need to have Step2 completed before the end of my USCE?

Our sites all have different requirements with regards to licensing exams.  Some sites only offer hands-on type experience to applicants who have full ECFMG certification.  These sites do allow applicants who have yet to take their examinations to do observerships that do not involve direct patient care.


What will my schedule be like?

Each site and preceptor has a unique schedule. Many sites involve a combination of inpatient and outpatient experience or outpatient only experience.  We do our best to tailor the schedule based on an applicant’s requests and goals.


Will I have time to study for upcoming exams?

We understand that many of our students are in the process of taking their licensing examinations and may be studying for those examinations during the clinical experience. We work with applicants to create a schedule that allows them to adequately prepare for examinations.


Does the experience qualify for school credit?

We do work with your school to make sure your experience meets the requirements for your schools curriculum. The decision to offer academic credit lies with your school.  We do provide all the documents needed by the school to grant credit for the experience, when possible.


Can I delay start date or make changes after I enroll?

We do allow applicants to delay the start date in the event of extenuating circumstances, such as visa issues and family emergencies, as long as the preceptor approves and notice is provided at least 8 weeks in advance.  Any changes made after this time period may be subject to rescheduling fees. Per our policy, the deposit becomes nonrefundable 8 weeks before the start date and tuition becomes nonrefundable 8 weeks before the experience, so we ask applicants who intend to withdraw to notify us before those deadlines to make any changes to avoid any rescheduling fees.


Are there any additional charges?

No, there are no additional or hidden charges beyond invoiced tuition fees for your selected program(s).  This is not including any personal physical exam, drug screenings, and/or background checks (only required for some programs) that may be required for your program.  Applicants can choose to obtain liability coverage on their own and receive a credit to their tuition fee or we can refer you to a trusted provider.


What documentation is required for registration?

A valid US ID and/or passport from your country of origin, CV/resume, Copy of diploma for graduates or transcripts (or dean’s letter of good standing) from your medical school for students, immunization & health records.


Do I need all supporting documents upon application?

We certainly accept partial applications. All applicants are immediately placed on the wait list of their desired programs once your application has been received.  You can submit all documents at a later date to complete your requirements and usually due roughly 4 weeks in advance of the start date of your expeirence. All documents MUST be received and cleared by the deadline for your program, no exceptions.


Will you provide assistance with a visa invitation letter?

A foreign national wishing to participate in any MedClerkships Programs shall be responsible for obtaining a B-1 (Visitor for Business) or B-2 (Visitor for Tourism) non-immigrant visa from the appropriate authorities or for entering the United States under the VWB (Visa Waiver for Business) or VWT (Visa Waiver for Tourism) Program or ESTA.  MedClerkships.com will release to qualified enrolled students an official client enrollment letter with details regarding location at which the rotation has been scheduled. Additionally, these letters will only be granted upon completion of full tuition payment.  Additional visa guidance can be acquired through our trusted immigration legal counsel (at an additional fee) or through trusted providers for test prep/ESL.  Special Note: there is a $300 non-refundable hold on your account once your enrollment letter has been issued, this is part of your balance and not an additional fee (see deposit, refund, & rescheduling policy for more info).


Do you provide a price guarantee?

All program details and rates will be honored at the time of full enrollment, guaranteed. However, rates for non-booked programs in the future are subject to change as new preceptor, clinical affiliate site, and medical education agreements are made, expire, and/or are renegotiated.


What is your refund and rescheduling policy?

  • Students have the option of placing a $200 deposit for STANDARD or $500 for select PREMIUM programs greater than 8 weeks in the future – Deposits are refundable up to 8 weeks prior to your reserved USCE start date
  • Tuition payments must be made in full no later than 4 weeks prior to the program start date and are refundable up to 8 weeks before your rotation start date for STANDARD and up to 8 weeks in advance for PREMIUM programs
  • Once preceptor information has been assigned and made available, tuition fees are refundable only with an official government visa rejection notice. However, students are allowed to reschedule to an equivalent program if providing 8 weeks notice, or greater, at no additional cost, pending availability
  • Any rescheduling and/or date changes after 8 weeks prior to your start date may be subject to an additional rescheduling fee. MedClerkships will attempt to schedule an equivalent program but the same program cannot be guaranteed, as it is based on availability
  • Any travel, transportation, and/or lodging fees incurred are not the responsibility of MedClerkships. Hospital affiliations alone should not be the basis of lodging & travel plans. Please follow up with your coordinator and student contract for greater clarification on unforeseen circumstances (such as preceptor illness, absence, etc), if needed
  • Once a student enrollment letter has been issued, there is a $300 non-refundable hold placed on your account.  This is part of your account balance and not an additional fee, only applies once enrollment letter has been issued.  Regardless of outcome, this fee is non-refundable at that point, no exceptions
  • Full refund exceptions are made with any visa denials/rejections minus enrollment letter fee (if applicable).  If you provide official embassy rejection/denial proof, we will refund your fees in full (minus enrollment letter fee, if issued) regardless of when notice is given.  Official proof includes: embassy rejection letter, full application copy showing your name & application #, and city name where you applied


What is your policy regarding personal data and privacy?

Privacy Policy:
MedClerkships does not sell or rent any personal data submitted by visitors to our site to any third parties. At this time, MedClerkships does not collect personal data except for use in the enrollment or application process. In the future MedClerkships may collect personal data, in which case, the following rules apply: The company respects the privacy of users visiting our web sites and will abide by all applicable laws concerning the release of personal information. On occasion, we may use certain directory information that we have collected to send you information about products and services, or updates and other information we think may be of interest to you.  Any user reviews, student interviews, and feedback submitted to MedClerkships may be used for promotional marketing materials.

Do you offer referral commission?

Yes, we offer referral commissions for each successfully referred student to our programs. Commissions are paid out in the form of paypal, cash, or discounts on future programs. If interested in greater student outreach programs for the chance to earn steady commissions, join our MedClerkships Diplomat Program. Inquire today!