MedClerkships provides opportunities for US Clinical Experience that improves an applicant’s candidacy for residency in US hospitals. We help IMGs and medical students navigate the often difficult process of obtaining all that is required for a strong residency application.

We recognize the difficulty in securing multiple types of USCE at locations that provide an opportunity for improving your residency application.  Our programs provide flexibility to applicants who may be concurrently studying for their remaining licensing exams. Our preceptors also commit to giving candidates an opportunity to secure letters of recommendation at the conclusion of the program to candidates who distinguish themselves during their USCE.

Our focus is in providing flexible US clinical experience that can bolster an applicant’s CV and improve the applicant’s comfort with the US Healthcare system and become comfortable with history taking, physical examination, and clinical documentation; all of which are skills program directors view very favorably.

In addition to bolstering your residency application with valuable US clinical experience, MedClerkships also offers opportunities for medical students who are looking to enroll in an elective at a US based hospital/clinic. This is particularly valuable for IMGs who would like firsthand exposure to the US healthcare system while still completing their 3rd and 4th year electives.

MedClerkships prides itself in placing our clients within their desired specialty with first class preceptors. Combined with various types of USCE, residency consultation services, and residency interview help – MedClerkships strives to assist you from medical student all the way to a US resident physician in training.