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As a world leader in the placement of US clinical experience (USCE) for IMG, MedClerkships remains committed to academic excellence.

To this end, our extensive network of practicing US physicians are routinely involved in academic research endeavors, actively seeking highly motivated IMG trainees and graduates to contribute to our MedClerkships Research Network (MCRN) projects.  Your chances of residency are greatly augmented by scholarly activities, especially if they are published.  Competitive US residencies look favorably upon personal and academic research projects.  We at Medclerkships strive to further strengthen your competitiveness in the residency arena by providing targeted and relevant areas of research in your area of interest – with the hopes of publication in a major journal.

Let us help you achieve your goals.  Contact MedClerkships and inquire about our MedClerkships Research Network (MCRN) scholarly track today.

Together we can build greatness – one physician at a time.

Recent Publications Featuring Contributions from Current & Former Students:


Medical Education Projects Featuring Contributions from Current & Former Students: