Non-US IMG USMLE Scores in the Match

Previously we showed the USMLE scores of US IMGs in the 2013 Match.  Please click on the link for definitions of US and non-US IMG.  In 2013, 5100 US IMG and 7600 non-US IMG applied for residency.  The following tables are for non-US IMGs in the 2013 Match.
Specialty Matched
Internal Medicine 1690
Family Medicine 293
Pediatrics 278
Psychiatry 163
Surgery-General 158
Pathology 151
Neurology 148
Anesthesiology 78
Radiology-Diagnostic 66
Emergency Medicine 31
PM&R 21


A vast majority of non-US IMGs matched into Internal Medicine in 2013.  Let us break it down by scores.
Specialty Mean STEP 1
Surgery-General 233
Radiology-Diagnostic 232
Internal Medicine 231
Neurology 230
Average 227
Anesthesiology 226
Emergency Medicine 226
Pathology 226
Pediatrics 223
PM&R 220
Psychiatry 214
Family Medicine 213
Specialty Mean STEP 2
Surgery-General 240
Radiology-Diagnostic 238
Internal Medicine 236
Neurology 236
Anesthesiology 234
Average 233
Emergency Medicine 231
Pediatrics 231
Pathology 228
PM&R 225
Family Medicine 219
Psychiatry 219
The average scores of matched non-US IMGs in 2013 were similar to those of US seniors who matched  in 2011 (although it is inaccurate to compare because USMLE scores tend to increase every year).  However, USMLE scores are just one component of the residency application evaluation.  I have worked with incredibly talented American graduate, US IMG, and non-US IMG co-residents.  Let’s hope we continue to invite the best and the brightest into the profession.