Residency Match Competitiveness 2014

Source: Residents Cafe

An editorial published in this month’s Journal of the American College of Radiology updated the competitiveness of the 2014 residency match for the major 21 specialties.  We had previously discussed the authors’ data in an earlier publication on the competitiveness of specialties from 2011 to 2013.  They calculate each specialty’s competitiveness based on positions per US applicant (PPUSA). According to the new data, Urology is now the most competitive specialty, surpassing Plastic Surgery.  The 5 toughest specialties to match are still all surgical specialties.

Residency Match Competitiveness by Specialty in 2014

Specialty PPUSA
Urology 0.70
Plastic Surgery 0.76
Otolaryngology 0.80
Orthopedic Surgery 0.83
Neurological Surgery 0.87
Dermatology 0.89
Radiation Oncology 0.99
Ophthalmology 1.00
General Surgery 1.18
OBGYN 1.20
Emergency Medicine 1.21
Internal Medicine-Pediatrics 1.29
Pediatrics 1.44
Anesthesiology 1.49
Diagnostic Radiology 1.51
PM&R 1.69
Neurology 1.86
Psychiatry 1.98
Internal Medicine 2.01
Family Medicine 2.26
Pathology 2.29

Source:  Journal of the American College of Radiology