“Business Casual” Explained & Dress Code Tips for IMGs

The importance of attire choices for health-care personnel is two-fold. First, there can be problems of infection transfer due to physicians’ wardrobe; the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) reviews possible issues such as cross-contamination when medical doctors wear long-sleeved coats (Bearman et al., 2014). Second, medical professionals must be sure to have a[…]

Special ReelDx Discount for all Students!

ReelDx was born of the understanding that real patients are our best teachers. When I arrived at Yale University as an Assistant Professor in 2003, I was dismayed with the tools available for teaching case based medicine. Initially, I began incorporating patient images into my lectures. Later, I started to seek patient consent for short[…]

What Residency Specialties do International Medical Graduates (IMGs) Have the Best Chance of Matching into?

There are so many challenges that face International Medical Graduates and prevent them from getting a desired residency positions. According to the CEO of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, it is predicted that by the end of 2016 there will be more graduates from US medical schools than available residency. The Educational Commission[…]

I Only Have Medclerkships to Thank!

You’re an international medical graduate, done with USMLE Step 1, and planning on the rest of the steps. Now what? Everyone knows how crucial LORs (Letters of Recommendation) are when it comes to your application. Not only that, American LORS are virtually essential. How does an IMG earn those? For me it was fairly simple.[…]

5 Tips for Succeeding in Your Medical Externship!

After spending countless hours in and out of classroom learning everything you possibly can about medicine, its time to get hands-on experience. This experience will prove to be valuable in later years of medical school and future job placement. For the IMG (International Medical Graduate), an externship could help them get the required clinical experience[…]