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ReelDx was born of the understanding that real patients are our best teachers. When I arrived at Yale University as an Assistant Professor in 2003, I was dismayed with the tools available for teaching case based medicine. Initially, I began incorporating patient images into my lectures. Later, I started to seek patient consent for short video clips to show to my students. The reaction was amazing! Medical students continuously commented that my real patient, video-laden, case based talks were immersive, reinforced conceptual learning, and improved overall understanding.

Three years later, I had moved to Portland, OR and met one of the founders of WebMD. We teamed up and co-founded ReelDx in 2012 with the goal of sourcing real patient content from all over the world. The idea is simple. Real patient/clinician interactions are often powerful teaching moments. At ReelDx we have developed both an informed consent processes and the technology needed to capture and share content in a peer-reviewed publishing format.


Through our partnership with MedClerkships, we are offering special pricing for annual access to our content.

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Want to contribute? We would be delighted to work with any student in the U.S. or abroad to facilitate capture of content for publication on our peer-reviewed site.

Simply email at david@reeldx.com if you are interested in learning more.

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