You May Be Eligible to Earn Financial Support and Receive Technical Assistance As You Achieve Diabetes Recognition

Are you a solo practitioner or in a small practice that sees patients between 18 and 75 years of age? If you answered yes to this question, or know someone who is, please continue reading.
As a benefit of your membership, the Chapter will:
  •  Provide a $1,000 incentive upon completion of diabetes recognition
  •  Provide continuing technical assistance
  •  Underwrite the National Committee for Quality Alliance (NCQA) workbook and application fees.
Receive increased reimbursement, achieve recognition among health plans and stand out amongst your colleagues in demonstrating excellence in diabetes care and treatment. This is a unique and limited opportunity for 27 eligible solo or small practices who seek to achieve Diabetes Recognition.
We encourage members to contact Lisa Noel, NYACP’s Manager for Practice Support Services to further discuss this opportunity.   Reach her by phone (518) 427-0366 or via email
For more details on the Chapter’s Quality and Diabetes initiatives, please visit the Chapter’s website: