Important Info for 2013 Match Participants

To All 2013 Match Participants:

We hope all of our readers understand what will be happening in a week. Next Friday, March 8th, those of you who have registered with the NRMP for the 2013 Match will receive an email from NRMP letting you know if you are “SOAP eligible” or not. This just means that you meet the NRMP requirements to go ahead, having nothing to do with whether or not you have Matched or are ECFMG certified. ECFMG “verified” is something that is checked automatically by NRMP with ECFMG to ensure that you have passed the Step 1 and 2 exams, and any questions about that status should be directed to NRMP.

On March 11th, you will be notified by NRMP if you Matched, or you may log into the R3 system at noon Eastern Time (ET). If you have fully Matched into a categorical position or both a preliminary and advanced program, congratulations, but then you are no longer SOAP eligible. If you only matched into a preliminary year position, you can participate in SOAP only for the advanced position, and vice versa. This is what is referred to as “partially Matched.”

You should familiarize yourself with SOAP by going to the NRMP website to view the SOAP webinar, by going to the NRMP Facebook page, and by reviewing the regulations set by ERAS on the ERAS website.