Questions Asked During Residency Interviews

After completing the lengthy process of taking USMLE exams and becoming ECFMG certified, obtaining letters of recommendations from clinical experience, filling in your residency application on ERAS and applying to residency programs, you are finally able to get some residency interview calls. For most applicants, it’s a first time experience – especially for IMGs, to[…]

Role of Research in a Residency Application

A residency application has many components. The most important ones are: USMLE scores, visa status, letters of recommendation, clinical experience, research experience, years from graduation, and medical school–MSPE/Transcript. Obviously, there are many components in a residency application that can make it strong or weak.  It is less common for an application to have maximized every category, so[…]

Explaining Clerkships, Observerships, and Externships for Students and IMGs

Whether as a medical student or international medical graduate (IMG), you’ve certainly come across the terms: clerkships, observerships, electives, and externships. All of these come into play when discussing US clinical experience (USCE) and are essential for an IMG’s residency match application and students who may think they’re interested in pursuing a US residency training[…]