Professional Attire

Tips & Guidelines: Medical Business Casual Attire for Medical Students & Professionals

Professional business attire for medical students and professionals typically includes clothing that is neat, clean, and reflects a high standard of professionalism. Here are some general guidelines for professional business attire in the medical field: Remember, these are general guidelines and may vary depending on the specific medical facility, specialty, and local customs. It’s always[…]

Resources for Research and Independent Scholarly Activities

Reading and Interpreting Medical Articles as well as Basic Medical Statistics, EBM American College of Physicians, Physicians Information and Education Resource — Evidence-based medicine. Bandolier Site, UK — Understanding likelihood ratio, pre/post test probabilities, etc. BETs (Best Evidence Topics) — Collection of evidence-based answers to an array of clinical conditions. Brief Evidence-Based Reviews, ACP Journal[…]

IMG Timeline & Fees for ERAS 

Starting September 6th, the MyERAS system opens to allow applicants to start submitting applications & documents to residency programs.  Below you’ll find pertinent dates in the Match 2017 cycle.  Always remember, it can take roughly 10 days for LORs, Personal Statements, and other documents to upload to the ERAS system.  There’s still time remaining to[…]

Latest Testimonials from recent IMG Students

See what some recent IMGs are saying about our services and rotations.  Every year during Match season, it really encourages our team to see our assistance pay off!   I just spoke with Dr. Mike – he was fantastic. A lot of great information, very knowledgeable, honest, straight forward and a great resource. He really[…]