Does the ACGME serve the needs of tomorrow’s physicians?

Source: KevinMD WES FISHER, MD | EDUCATION | FEBRUARY 24, 2014 “A new roadmap for improving residents’ professional skills was released Tuesday by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)” begins the press release. As I dove into this announcement a bit further, I discovered the origins of this initiative outlined in this executive summary published by the ACGME on the[…]

Bringing specialized care to a hospital near you

Source: ASPR By Crystal Peterson, Director, Physician Recruiting and Retention, Specialists On Call, Inc., Reston, VA A 52-year-old mother of three is brought into the emergency department of an urban hospital, displaying symptoms of a stroke. Nurses and medical staff collect patient data and medical history, the ED physician orders a CT, and asks the nurse[…]