Mobile Med-Tech Revolution Hits Hospitals

Source: SingularityHub The benefits of mobile technology in a healthcare setting have not, it’s safe to say, gone unnoticed. A throng of companies is trying to turn the smartphone into an assortment of medical devices, from blood pressure cuffs to otoscopes. Such devices offer patients a chance to keep up with chronic conditions and send data to[…]

How nanotechnology can advance regenerative medicine

Source: Kurzweil Summary figure. Nanotechnology regulates stem cell function. (A) Suitable spacing for integrin activation and integrin-mediated cell adhesion, cytoskeleton organization and cell spreading. (B) Modified nanoscaffolds regulate stem cell self-renewal, neural differentiation and osteogenic differentiation. (Credit: Yang-Kao Wang) Nanotechnology may provide new strategies for regenerative medicine, including better tools to improve or restore damaged tissues, according[…]